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SEAT Tarraco review:
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The SEAT Tarraco is the Spanish brand’s biggest SUV, offering buyers seven seats as standard and an alternative to MPVs like the SEAT Alhambra. The Tarraco is closely related to the Skoda Kodiaq, one of its main rivals, and also competes with the Peugeot 5008, Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace and Nissan X-Trail for sales. Ginny puts the car through its paces to see if buyers looking for a large family car should have the Tarraco on their shortlists.

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Jonathan HUNT says:

Very nice , car isn’t bad either

Z E says:

When did Matt have a sexchange?

Brad Ketchell says:

Get a Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost. Bags of power and incredible economy.

James Keyes says:

Batch and a kid in the last row of seats 🤣🤣😂😂 .Really good combo

Bob Walsh says:

Did…did Ginny get taller?!

Andrei Arama says:

The 3008 is a good looking car,the 5008 no !!!

Ak 47 says:

Is it me or does this channel do the same as carwow

Emad Hamdy says:

This woman has few videos in the channel .. hope she has more i like her way in reviewing

Radu Catalin says:

No more eshuvee? Dislike

Jeff Christie says:

Let the vow group stay boring inside the cockpit while Peugeot is winning Akkad ththe plaudits for being daring

Leo Maružin says:

Seat tarraco vs skoda kodiaq

bidderman1969 says:

“7 seats and luggage”????


mo m says:

The interior is leaps and bounds over my m2 Leon 2012 Supercopa. 😆😆😆

Qbal says:

Another bland VW Group suv, zzzzz

Christina Cottrill says:

I'm getting my one next thursday I loved it 🙂

Jimmy .L says:

I'm driving one right now. It's a bloody tank, I drove past a range rover and it looked like a mini next to this. Build quality is there but not all the way there. The digital dials are way too small and the sound system is garbage. It drives like a dream, super smooth through the gears, feels like a tank in terms of safety and there is enough space to get all the kids and ya granny, dogs and luggage. Thirsty though even on this 1.5 and it's utterly gutless.

Andrés Campo says:

I like it. Possibly my second car.

Stan The man says:

She's hot!

Olsun says:

1.5 petrol on this large suv LOL


VAG really is the modern equivalent of 90's – 00's General Motors, isn't it. This car is absolutely pointless when there already is the kodiaq and allspace

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