Infiniti Q50 (Team Review) – Fifth Gear

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Is it about time Infiniti took off in Europe? The team take a look at the Infiniti Q50 to find out.

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Trappin B says:

Why the 2.0 why not the 3.7 or the 3.0t

Nzlnfkrlsd says:

The style of this review is like a typically german. Everything sucks!!!!! This is bad, that is bad, the engine sucks, the balabla is not good enough … oooh my good! Go to bed and cry into your pillow!!!!! Are you for real?
This Car is so great and so unique! And its full of so many great things other cars don't have … and its so cheap to have! (since INFINITI left west-europe)
God i hate this negative guys 🙄😠😠😠………………

Jay Barça says:

Ironic the British are critiquing others on quality and reliability!! 😆 okeyyyy

Henry Kisau says:

Why did have to review the car then????

David says:

A typical UK review. A manufacturer makes a car that's good on the road and buyers are told by reviewers that they need something that is good on a track.

Mirzet Hanic says:

I have a q50. And it is the best car i have ever had. And my previeus car was an Audi A6 3.0 tdi quattro. But the repairs that i had on the Audi was too much. The infiniti is a very nice car to drive and very luxurieus

Dragan Jotanovic says:

What does mondeo interior do on Infiniti video

Brogan Barry says:

What a terrible video this is. Why are they taking it around a race track?

tr1ggerh1pp1e says:

This review is garbage on so many levels! Amateur hour…

obscurelines says:

Second hand models of this car are now so cheap. But imagine it requires fixing, it's all computers!


You can tell why Fifth gear was nowhere near as popular as top gear. I doubt they ever even reached fifth gear. These guys don't know shit about cars. Worst "car" show in existence.

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