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We got our first chance to drive the 2021 Lexus IS 350. Watch the video to find out what we thought.

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Marcusjj1973 says:

I mean it's a good looking car, but it's the same car from 2006, 2010, 2015 and 2020 underneath right down to the naturally aspirated V6. I really hope there is a IS500 coming otherwise this just isn't worth it anymore, there are far better cars that just smoke this thing from Japan, Korea and Germany. A V8 IS500 would totally change the situation.

chaz l says:

Would totally take this over the new TLX n/a v6 plus Lexus quality name recognition and reliability!

Ryan Brown says:

This guy is a hater typical cars.com bash everything Toyota and lexus. The few who buy this car will still appreciate their purchase ten years later. They other cars in this class will get five years at best and that includes the TLX . I am a former TL owner money pit that car was.

Spectre26 says:

Why are you still comparing the Q50? The powertrain is nice and that's it. The transmission is less responsive than the IS, the infotainment is atrocious, the DAS is a joke and it's very soft for a "sport sedan". Used is a bargain though because these depreciate way faster than the Lexus.

Deep J Singh says:

This car’s look and interior + genesis g70’s engine would make a perfect reliable luxury car.

Bray Zap says:

This thing is gorgeous. The way they changed it from the last gen is perfect



Tony says:

I have a ‘16 350 RWD FSport in the same color, but with the red interior. The car is extremely ‘fitted’, so it’s not for bigger folks. When driven in Sport S+ and Manual, the car has a different personality altogether and will/has surprised many. 😈 I’m hoping Lexus announces a stronger engine soon, but other than that, I think the car is class leading. Build quality, a fantastic daily driver, spirited handling with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Summers, and cachet. Seems like a winning combo for this Lexus brand loyalist.

Austin Carbo says:

The gauge cluster is inspired by the LFA not the LC!

Admiral Ackbar says:

It's a shame AWD model is 6 speed auto. Here in NE almost all IS models at dealerships are AWD. Even Camrys have 8 speed now. Not sure what toyota is thinking.

Funsho Nwabuzor says:

That grille traps leaves… 😂. Lexus needs to include complimentary dental floss with their cars.

FatWhite Tuna says:

I really hate the Japanese cars; they usually have lot of horse power, but low torque making the acceleration very weak.

latino914 says:

Still using the same engine from 2006. wa wa

lou9878 says:

This review sucks!

Jesus H Medrano says:

Man, this is ugly! Ive aleays loved the is and the looks have always been ok but they just made it worse, still i would buy it over any german pos

Fresh Towels says:

The genesis g70 gives you a turbo 365 hp engine. The lexus needs more power. Its seriously outclassed by the competition. I liked how the review was honest calling out the dated drive train

Anthony D. says:

Can I work for Lexus? They don’t need F sport badges on the sides for a looks package.

Anthony D. says:

There’s a 2014 fully loaded for sale for $19k get it guys. Good car. But this? While it’s a reliable engine it’s overdue for an engine horsepower upgrade.

Ryan Brown says:

I'll take the IS350 over everything in its class including the TLX and I am a former TL owner.

nattga says:

Lexus IS is following the Toyota 4Runner formula.

mojojojo911 says:

Damn. That was a tough listen.
Sure, other cars might be better. But 5-10 years from now the lexus will still be running strong compared to most of its competitors. Just look at the used car markets.

That said, I think this lexus is one of the few, rare cars where the suspension and chassis out do the engine and transmission. Its a real joy to drive despite what many say.

Toyota4Life says:

This car is definitely a looker.

We expected a new model but as far as refreshing goes this is a heavy refresher which great lexus updated a lot outside of the engine. Lexus did trademark IS500 so lexus has something else in store for us.

Tik Tok Ads says:

Look like a 4 door Supra at certain angles

proximafase says:

Damn, man. This was challenging to listen to. Let me go watch a happy-ending Disney movie or something. Sheesh.

Carson Redford says:

It's the dude from Walle!

Gas Station says:

Oof, that misaligned spoiler at 1:29. It's not even attached al the way. Come on Lexus, I thought you were known for excellent build quality.

Adam Wright says:

A cramped somewhat outdated sedan that starts at $40,000 doesn't make any sense to me.

dino saucers says:

I actually felt sorry for the car

Cleo 1991 says:

What a negative Nancy! This car is amazing and will outlast all those “competitors”. Speed is not top priority

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