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Take a guess what the best selling car in Britain is… it’s the Ford Fiesta. In second place its the VW Golf and in third…another Ford, the Focus. But in fourth place, is this, the Nissan Qashqai. Yes our fellow motorists in the UK love the Qashqai, and when you spend some time with it, it is quite easy to see why.

In this video, we cover the load/boot space, interior features, fuel consumption, engine performance and new safety features now available in the latest Nissan Qashqai. The model reviewed is the top-of-the-range 1.5dCi Tekna variant, which in South Africa is currently listed at R445 500 (April 2018)

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Winty 27 says:

Never buy a Nissan Qashqai timing chain issues and after that new engines are needed. Appalling air conditioning new condenser needed every two years. Parking sensors fill with water when it rains and it thinks your parking when you drive Nissans answer was to drill holes in the bumper to stop the water ingress. Watch out for the warning signs oil consumption that’s the start of your Nissan journey enjoy 😉 PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS CAR. Sorry Nissan but you need to honour the people who bought the faulty cars you produced with Renault building the engines and fitting the piston rings incorrectly. If at least one person reads this and it stops them buying one I am a happy man.

Jaliya Udagama says:

The quashkai complety beat the RAV4 in a moose test conducted in europe. The rav4 actually badly failed the test while the quashkai set a benchmark entry speed.
Toyota rav4

Rawbbie Sir'mbo says:

I love this car

gerry whelan says:

Kadjar boot is bigger, not smaller!
I own a Quashqai
Facts not fancy presentation is required.
Are testers influenced?

odwa mavuso says:

I would get that car, but they only have the infotaiment system only for the top tekna model, which is very expensive! You better off getting a Hyndai Creta.

Dimakatso Oliphant says:

I love this car

Tiny Ankle Biter says:

I am trying to find a review on the 1.2 Acenta cvt (not the plus)… But why can't I find one…

Relebogile Mothomogolo says:

The design team at Nissan should be fired. They lack imagination. The cars are non human centric. They look bland and an engine that is the same size as the one in a Micra in an SUV what rubbish is this?

Michael Sin says:

Should have same options in cvt ..

Hooman Hoomani says:

i have bought the same model but automatic transmit-ion gearbox in the UK so far Nissan its much better then Mercedes s class and BMW x6 i have had

Victor Deng says:

who know the music played in the middle of the video?

Jack bassman says:

I'm on my third Qashqi and could like to have a change next time and have seriously looked at BMW, VW, Mazda, DS7 but honestly can't find anything with all the features that suit me better. I hope that the new diesel engine filtration system being developed by Bosch delivers and is available on Nissan cars because the 1.5 diesel is a very good, economical unit, not a sports car by any means but a very good sensible option.

Jeannette Adanza-Robinson says:

Just bought my new Qashqai and I love it .Its not as responsive compared to big brother Xtrail but it is awesome to drive.

Prince Eshun says:

I subscribed and like

JFCW says:

"Crank up the Classic FM, you deserve it" – that line sums up Qashqai buyers well.

Kgomotso J Kgopa says:

I looove this car. My goodness.

Nikhil Nadasan says:

That intro was terrible lol just say its the 4th best selling car.

The Goahead Mpire says:

Nissan is always better than ford in my opinion

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