2016 – 17 BMW i8 Concept & Full Review HD Video

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With swan-wing doors, a shark-nose grille, and a supercar stance, the i8 plug-in hybrid is a truly revolutionary vehicle. The interior seats four in trappings worthy of a W Hotel. A turbocharged three-cylinder gas engine teams with two electric motors for a combined 357 hp; the i8 hits 60 mph faster than an M3. Top speed is 155 mph; fuel economy is less than 30 mpg—amazing for a supercar but not for a plug-in. Handling is agile, steering sharp; braking is great for any car, let alone a hybrid.


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piep.net/FNcx , stream online at this url

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UPDATE: Here is the only site that has a hq version piep.net/q9rN

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http://gnap.es/8qnw -> see it right here

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