Why I Haven't Been Active & Chicago Motors Review!!

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Sorry that I Haven’t been active recently! Also share alot about chicago motors and local police inter. dealerships near me!New Videos Weekly, So make sure to hit that subscribe button and stay tuned! If you like this video Please LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!
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Master Gracey says:

chicago motors is too expensive on crown vics for me. Sure their great vics in awesome condition, but i don’t have that kind of money for a crown vic

Ron Paker says:

how you doing mr. due to the fact, good video but due to the fact, good night due to the fact

Psychoticx1997s says:

Do a driving vlog 25 Minute long at night I like night vlogs

Jeragon186 says:

This is a dumb question but can you tell me how you disengage the parking brakes? I know to reengage the brakes is to push the pedal down.

John Brown says:

No, no, no. Stay with the crown vic . Of course whatever makes you happy . I hate chargers and any SUV…

Edandeddie2 says:

Dodge charger

DrFruikenstein says:

My little brother picked up a retired Charger about a year and a half ago, and loves it.
It was because I had such good luck with old interceptors that he started looking for one.

I sold him my old Diplomat about 20 years ago, and that car went through hell, and was still dependable for both of us.

Shortly after I got my P71, he told me that he was thinking of getting another retired cop car. The Charger is what he decided on, and it's been just as reliable as the Diplomat, and my P71. It also has a lot more horsepower than my P71.

Chris Pofahl says:

I’m a Ford guy but I want one of the Caprice 9C3s.

Chris Pofahl says:

Chicago Motors is where I got mine! Drove up, picked it up, drove it home to Eastern Oklahoma.

Boise City Mopar says:

I say take a Dodge Charger and rebuild it.

Donald Brand says:

Maybe you can help me I need to know if my PCM is bad cuz the fuse keeps on blowing is that the computer

Shannon CVPI says:

I say a Explorer I'm gone buy me one once I finish my Vic Tahoe PPV and Caprice PPV

Shannon CVPI says:

Yea Chicago motors is the best Asia motors never really move there cars around I pass by there twice a week and they been sitting in the same spot of the longest and you dam right about welcome motors they be trying to ripe you TF off

1999Jayhawks says:

Wassup I’m CrownVicJay on instagram lol

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