Why Buy? | 2016 Chrysler 300 Limited AWD Review

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Motor1 Executive Editor Seyth Miersma tests the 2016 Chrysler 300 Limited, in all-wheel-drive, V6 form, and figures out how the big sedan stacks up against the competition.

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Engine: 3.6L V6
Output: 292 Horsepower / 260 Pound-Feet
Transmission: 8-Speed Automatic
EPA Fuel Economy: 18 City / 27 Highway / 21 Combined
As Tested Price: $38,505

Host: Seyth Miersma
Director: Alessandro Lago
DP: James Bradbury
Editor: James Bradbury
Music: Broke For Free – Drop of Water In the Ocean


Charles Gooch says:

Love this review, finally, a big guy like me giving a review. Thanks

Guy Smiley says:

the wheelbase and insulation in the 300 makes it what it is. The ride quality of a mid size isn't there. I do have to say that if the Impala came with a V8, or even the cadillac xts-v turbo engine, I would be driving an Impala ltz-v/ss. Chevrolet dropped the ball. The SS is pricey. The Impala is boring. Ford Taurus is really quite crapped. KIA Cadenza is really a midsize with the 200.

Christian Wagner says:

No wonder Walter White chose this car, he needed to put Mike's body in the trunk

Xjaiver says:

these new models are smaller than the older model's ill stick to my 2014

M Caporegime says:

The huge trunk is for more bodies 😀

Shahzad Kayani says:

It has a big back seat because its like an executive / ceo car so the driver can be at the front and vip will sit at the back comfortably! Thats sick!

CanadaCraig says:

For comparison sake… The Chrysler 300 is 6.8" longer and 2.1" wider than a Ford Fusion. Compared to the Chrysler 200 – the 300 is 6.3" longer and 1.4" wider. But what surprises most people is that the Chrysler 300 is a smaller car than the Ford Taurus. It's 4.3" shorter and 1.2" narrower.

CanadaCraig says:

One of the best looking cars on the roads. Fancy it up a bit – stick in a Hellcat – and call it the IMPERIAL.

Quinn Askew says:

great review! as fellow 6ft 5
driver it would be nice during your reviews if you could give
a "tall guy driver" leg room rating.

Dadudadudadura foo says:

Not american cuz it looks like a Rolls Royce !

Jim Cole says:

Love my 300. I have the S model with Hemi. Yes if I was back in Michigan awd would be my added choice. Good car and had an older model that I was T boned in an accident and was happy to see how safe the car is. That's why I bought another and traded that one in. Had to add more goodies to feel more upscale but great car. No complaints other then don't put your keys in the cup holder and lock. Your keys will be locked in the car. Only if you have the heated and cooled Cupholder option. The insulated holder block out the key signal. Found out the hard way.

lmn222002 says:

Just got one for a rental and I was really impressed. I am use to having shifter to place my hand while driving and that was a little awkward. But freeway driving seats are really comfortable and the power was pretty good for a V6 rental

JET997u says:

Well done review.

Валентин Ершов says:

Не знаю, как по мне модель 2006 года была куда креативней!

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