Where is My TVR Griffith?!

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The new TVR Griffith will be a future car in my garage, a new Shmeemobile, but where is it and when is it coming?! Let’s have an update with Les Edgar to find out how things are going during an event at Topcats Racing. Up to this point not too much has been seen of the new British sportscar, so join me for this special and exclusive opportunity for a first ever ride on board to get a feel for what it’s about.

When the TVR Griffith was first presented at the Goodwood Revival around a year ago, I went for the unveil and announced to you that I would be adding one to my garage. TVR as a brand is roaring back and to do so they have partnered with Gordon Murray Design for the iStream chassis, with Cosworth for the 5.0 NA V8 and with other partners to bring it together. The car will produce over 500hp and weigh around 1,250kg with a manual gearbox – a perfect recipe for driving enthusiasts.

As Les and the team are working to bring effectively a new brand into the market, they have a lot of challenges and hurdles to overcome. It was always going to be a big project but the news is now coming through and tenders for the factory are progressing. It’s hard to predict at this stage when my car will arrive, but we are talking somewhere maybe in early 2020 but I will certainly be doing my best to bring you more updates as and when I can.

A big thanks goes to Les and the TVR team, and of course to the fantastic team at Topcats Racing for hosting the event and making arrangements for this video. Give them a follow at:

Thanks for watching, Tim

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Shmee150 says:

The new TVR Griffith will be a future car in my garage, a new Shmeemobile, but where is it and when is it coming?! Let's have an update with Les Edgar to find out how things are going during an event at Topcats Racing.

Shane Thomson says:

The wedge is my favourite after seeing it in 1987 at the Cheshire county show which was held at Tatton park I was 15 years old at the time and the smell of the leather and Whitney Houston’s I wanna dance with somebody playing on loud speakers is burned into my memory such an underrated brand I which Les all the luck in the world

Aspie Otaku says:

The British Camero.

Aspie Otaku says:

I want to see these in USA, I want to see em race Cameros.

chillidip says:

I am speed.

Beastmaster 64 says:

lightning mcqueen irl

Angry Shongo says:

It's manual so it's gooooood

John Dayton says:

In my opinion when TVR used to make engines they were cooler, less refined, sounded better, they were true race car engines. I get that it was a bygone era, but man can we try to get back to that.

John Dayton says:

I hope they remake the Cerbera. best looking car ever made. Was also the best sounding and one of the fastest cars ever made.

John Dayton says:

Will they sell these in the US. I will make a deposit right now!

John Dayton says:

Would rather have a chimaera from the 1996- and up though. TVR power trains were nuts!

John Dayton says:

How do I get one of these to the states?

Nathaniel's Phone says:

"hi guys I'm shmeeegma"

W.S.T says:

Finally the beast is back πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

rob royce says:

the rover 5.0 v8 is a roarer!!!

rob royce says:

TVR Griffith>>>Toyota Supra GT(S)

Javier DΓ­az says:

This car would be a nice base for the New Supra but Toyota wanted a Z4 πŸ™

idziokracja ! says:

3:20 my new favourite super car where is TVr advertising

Music Lover says:

I thought TVR went out of business over a decade ago πŸ€”πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Equaliser says:

Sounds like my old Opal Kadet coupe sport, when the exhaust fell off.

Razerhasgame says:

First order of business is a straight pipe

Waddling Cucumber says:

The shifter is kind of weird

Chris Fussell says:

Amazing car would love one

こけみしま says:


Daniel Dryden says:


Average Joe78 says:

Car sounds like a wet queef

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