We drive the new Suzuki Vitara – Quick Review

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We get to grips with the all-new Suzuki Vitara, an important newcomer in the growing compact crossover segment. With a wealth of heritage under its belt, expectations are high. Can the new Suzuki Vitara live up to the hype?

Previous generations of the Suzuki Vitara were known for their outstanding reliability and offroad capability. But… back then the Vitara had a segment entirely to itself. The new Vitara, however, comes up against some stiff competition in the ever growing compact crossover market. The dominating presence of the Ford Ecosport, Nissan Juke, Renault Captur and Kia Soul is bound to make life tough for the newcomer. Nonetheless, the latest Vitara is well packaged and attractive which should see it putting up a strong fight in the local market, particularly when Suzuki’s reputation for superb after-sales service is factored in. 

We recently spent time reviewing the latest Suzuki Vitara 1.6 GL+, which is priced at R269 900, and comes fitted with a host of standard features making it a high-value offering. Some notable items include climate control, cruise control, mounted steering wheel controls and USB/Aux inputs. Both front-and all-wheel drive derivatives are on offer to suit varying driving conditions and buyers will appreciate the excellent ride quality offered by this latest model. The Vitara is also quite practical and with 375-litres of boot space along with a removable floor, there’s ample room for ordinary, and not so ordinary items. Fuel efficiency is good too, with Suzuki claiming 5.8l/100km. Possibly the best thing about this latest Vitara is the reassuring feeling of solidity it gives you, the sense that you could happily drive it year after year and eventually pass it on to your kids, and that’s quite refreshing.


Calvin Bafshoe says:

Wow I guess Suzuki is as reliable as Toyota and so affordable with great features. What a great review!

sherwin comique says:

Best reviewer!👍

Franco Scarpa says:

I took the Duster GPL and I'm having a lot of engine problems. (see Facebook Group DACIA GPL NON CONFORME )

In the end, the Vitara was only € 2,500 more with the withdrawal of used cars, and with the 1.0 insurance savings and probably also on consumption.

Think about it if you are on time!

chuene kgomo says:

My only concern is that it doesn't have a modern type GPS screen. Otherwise, it is amazing.

marilou cacdac says:

Wow I've seen such reviews and this is superb. Thank you so much for such very helpful, meticulous, very detailed and I am quite impressed.

ronch550 says:

I would've bought this car instead of my Ford Everest if it came out sooner in my country. But no regrets with my Everest other than it'll probably rack up higher maintenance costs over this Suzuki.

Stephen Powell says:

Excellent review, you nailed it.

Got shot says:

Awesome review!

Robert Smith says:

screw its history, cut to the chase

AngelBoy09 says:

I own a Vitara GL+ just added the accessories the GLX have except the sunroof.. it doesnt matter as its hot here in Philippines.. and this is the best purchase I had. I love this car. This is the best!

Igor Petrovskyy says:

If you drive around 90 kmh outside , the fuel consumption will be around 5 liters only-))) I love this car

Zooks says:

I own a Suzuki kizashi and love it. The new vitara is great, especially if upgraded to 19 inch rims and the 1.4 turbo engine.

Andrei Lanuza says:

One thing i find weird about suzuki cars running on petrol is that the engine is almost silent until you rev it. That's not a bad thing though. It's just that i've gotten used to the noise diesel engines make. I can drive up next to someone without them noticing me.

Rodney Butterfield says:

Very good review. It is refreshing to see a review where quality, suspension and durability is discussed, not just outright acceleration and cornering ability. Some reviewers think if the car does not perform like a Ferrari it is no good !

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