Watch before buying a Mini! REVIEW 2019 Mini Cooper S

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Christian Williams drives the new Mini Cooper S 3 Door Hatch and tells you the number of options you can go for! The list is LONG!
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In The Headlights says:

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Let's be Realistic says:

Union Jack taillights are not standard on all cooper S models.

Consumer Tester says:

The ORIGINAL Mini Cooper S WAS truly cool…………and quick!! This is a lardo, tubberguts, softy – and not even fast. Nah.

Simeon Selmon says:

What he is not telling you it cost a fortune to fill up on fuel I have a mini one d it's powerful enough and it's great on fuel

raven scott says:

is this a fun time car? lol

Raj Chudasama says:

Hi, I love your review. Is it okay if I use this on a website which specialises in Mini's. Happy to link it back to your Youtube Channel and possibly your website too if you have one. Thanks.

Simeon Selmon says:

What he is not telling you it drinks fuel

Simeon Selmon says:

Keep well aloan don't touch it's drinks fuel it will cost you a lot of money

The MINIac says:

You can use the BimmerCode App to add in sport mode. You do have to deactivate DSC and DTC to fully enjoy it. I did this on a Cooper.

xmoroseguyx says:

Junk cars avoid

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