VW Golf GTI TCR 2019 review – is it the best performance Volkswagen? EVER!

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This is the new Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR! This new hot hatch is designed to be the perfect Golf GTI for people who are looking to hit the track. But given you already have the normal GTI along with the Golf R to choose from, is it the ultimate hot Golf? Join Mat for his latest review to find out!

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JorgePT says:

can we appreciate how theres so many testing spots near the algarve autodromo

Steve Bullock says:

Save money and buy a used Leon Cupra 300. Pretty much the same car.

Krusp Epoq says:

Golf R all the way

Ergil Ejder says:

Golf GTI 😍😍😍

Andris Čaplinskis says:

I seriously dont get this… people buy fun daily cars with some horespower to have fun but they get automatic gearbox.. we should ban automatic gearboxes in sports oriented cars liek wtf.. and resell value is always better in manual cars….

Andrés Padilla says:

HA cold tires bad skill = no better times sorry

simonali6819 says:

If those wheels are 19s they don't look it…

Private message says:

Is this GTI coming to the US market?

raymond zou says:

I still prefer the golf over the golf

Namaste says:

Audi RS with different cashing

JB says:

£2k more expensive than a Golf R… urmmm yeah I don’t think so lol

caTpuccino says:

I think this is the first time VW made a three-door GTI with the automatic option. That is cool! I always liked the three-door version. However, it only had the manual option, which was super annoying.

L8ugh1ngm8n1 says:

So GTI finally brought up to the same power as the Cupra? Just no where near as good looking or easy to live with day to day…. and more expensive?

Always be Smart says:

0-60 in 5.6 thats slow af…my 2003 g35 that i got for $3,000 is faster than this $30,000 car

André Lima says:

Pointless car.
No manual
No actual weight reduction
No actual decent exhaust
Not even actual sport seats

Is just a 3 door hatchback with some some brake, tune, small body parts.

Still prefer the Golf R with a manual gearbox.

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