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This is the Volvo XC40. Unlike most manufacturers, Volvo have gone with a fresh and different design for their latest small SUV, rather than simply making a more compact version of the XC60.

But with the small SUV market being so saturated, can the XC40 hold its own against so much competition? Join Mat as he finds out in his latest in-depth review!

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Ahmednt says:

Lovely XC40

Ahmednt says:

Congratulations for subscribers over 2M.

yasir hanslod says:

Lovely alloywheel 💗

Johny Ramos says:

I loved it especially in All black but I wouldnt buy a car with no phisical climate controls

ozhu robviina says:

Banana storage was brilliant 😂

lucian calapodescu says:

I like your reviews,I really do,but what's with you and the big bottles?

Andre says:

If I'm interested in a car i always search to see if this guy has reviewed it and if i cant find him reviewing the car i rule the car out completely!

krisx74 says:

2:24 haha, storing a Swede in the centre console…..brilliant pun there!

Lil Riggs says:

I have to say; this guy does the best car reviews on YouTube. Always honest and straight forward with a bit of humor. Much better then those reviews where they thank the dealership first which actually means you're watching an advertisement, not a review. Cheers guys!

Christian Aaron says:

I’m going to buy one of these 🚗 it’s got the perfect place to store my bananas. 🍌.

chawsy titus says:

should do an in-depth review for the 2019 range rover evoque, the direct competitor

Loosa Bway says:

'Doesn't create much noise at speed'. Really?

Was that a hurricane blowing in the background or does this car have dreadful tyre noise?

O.k. yes, I know, motoring journalists can't hear it but the rest of us can.

Gap piu piu says:

Miss Rebecca

Peter Grigoriad says:

How its called your sweater's brand?

Amr Ashraf says:

How do find this volvo on rough roads? Is it a durable tough suv or not ?

BublakVTX says:

This car is like Mazda 6 in her range. Own style, keep going on own path. No hesitation about buy or not buy. I would like to know service intervals and the costing. How many miles I can make if ridden reasonable and pampered in garage. Thank you

Jsks s says:

Omg you are hilarious😆👍🏻

Kermit the Frog says:

Too damn many suv's on the market. I like this, all the subarus, the Seat, The toyota Rav4, … and the kona.

Muhammed Aboobacker says:

I just fall in love with this xc40 … Just becoz I love wearing seat belt .. and Volvo have my character .. woooo. So impressed

Antifa, libtards and snowflakes are weak af says:

What an awesome car. I just got a new V40 R-design pro(Which is awesome as well), but may get this next. If their still making them.

yokozun32177 says:

My only concern is messing with the screen while driving… too distracting ?

gary scott says:

Dogs. Not itchy bums. Cleaning their glands 🙂 Just sayin'

Dale Betterton says:

The little flap space in front of the wireless charging pad is a perfect size to fit the custom screen wipe cloth that Volvo includes.

Sea BreezeUK says:

Love the glovebox/bag of crisps joke, a v stupid test, don’t know why James Batchelor does it.

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