Volvo V60 2019 in-depth review | carwow

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This is the new Volvo V60. Given the makeover compared to its predecessor, it’s hard to argue that the new V60 doesn’t look good. But when you consider that it costs more than an Audi A4 Avant or BMW 3 Series, does the V60 really offer enough for you to choose it over one of these German market leaders? There’s only one way to find out… Keep watching and let us know what you think in the comments!

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carwow says:

4:00 – Ummm… Don't forget your phone, Mat!

Dorian Marquié says:

Bey a beautiful Volvo 😍😍 not a Boring german shit.

Emmett says:

Blistering hot in the UK summer? LOL.

Evan Thomas says:

I think this looks tighter and sportier than the V90. Great looking car.

Rasmus Hedberg says:

Sucks that it has a FWD option, and not a RWD.

Aaron Jones says:

I just want to sit on his face

Tripp Albright says:

6:52 – He's hot af!

smaldrig says:

The cute host keeps distracting me from the car lol 😂

Dino Pappous says:

I think the outgoing V 60 was waaaaaaayyyyy better looking…..

Jacy Bongo says:

Please do an M5 generations drag

Abhijit Palkar says:

Best Estate 😈

Denny joy says:

It is toooo…. Long

rohiths funny videos says:

I like all your videos it's awesome and funny but you have too many subscribers and you are still using a old Samsung phone

caddilac19 says:

the rock = volvo xc90 ahhahaahaahhahah

kavon77 says:

Large disposition??? You mean. FAT!!!

limenyande olivier says:

Why is he always comparing cars to Audi or Merc ?

sandy mclea says:

Love Volvo, but if I ever had to buy one I would sell it on 4 years before it breaks down, maybe 3 years. FYI My Merc wagon is 18 years old and is still a tank and the leather looks like a 5 years old Volvo.

Victor Chirilas says:

Awesome car but why be so rough when pulling the cargo cover or pushing buttons?! To make it a bit more dramatic perhaps.. My 3series cover is no different really if I'm rushing operating it.

مفلم بن مطلق says:

كم تجيب خط ؟؟

David Firth says:

Why can’t we just have the V70 back please?

Paul Ripley says:

I want a CD player!

Davidklaman says:

It's really quite rare that you put a car on the Buy-list, feels a bit…if you forgive me, chicken to just shortlist a lot of great cars 😉

Nice-oscar says:

This volvo is excellent and as you know guys, volvos are built like tanks!

Tom Crisp says:

Mat, if you pop for the Bowers and Wilkins that you and every other viewer is in love with, you actually might like to have the CD player – because MP3 quality will never get the best out of that system.

robin baby says:

It’s boring. The 5 annoying car wow things. The gear knob is not that much difficult as he demonstrating. And the boot lid, the way he is doing is not the gentle way to remove it. I never see someone removing a lid in such a way he did. He destroying the things. Because there is no actual annoying things. But he trying to make something from his own. You must feel shame on yourself…..

Mike Younes says:

Volvo have had bad auto boxes for ages c'mon Volvo sort it out

Mr. Black says:

Hey!.. The Rock and Dwayne Johnson are twin brothers!…

Javier pereira rodriguez says:

the cd is for the old people that buy volvos just like its slow gear box. Doesn't matter how hard they try but the brand is still for older people, I'll take any of the 3 germans without a doubt!

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