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Volvo S60 saloon review:
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The Volvo S60 saloon faces a tough challenge in trying to topple the latest BMW 3 Series, which is widely considered to be the most complete compact executive saloon car currently available. The S60 needs to deliver a mixture of style, luxury, tech, comfort and driving pleasure to satisfy buyers in its segment of the market, and tempt buyers away from the Audi A4, Mercedes C-Class, Jaguar XE and Alfa Romeo Giulia, in addition to the BMW. The question is, does it? Batch gives his verdict in this video.

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tre luglio says:

Best CHINESE car 👍

NL3044 says:

All volvos basically have identical interiors. They really struggle to differentiate the smaller models with the larger ones. You are basically paying for extra space and not much else. The Germans on the other hand go to greater lengths to make each model unique to its series.

Marcus Henderson says:

Would buy it but economy really let's it down

J A Z Z P E R says:

Wish I had the money guys… still loving my XC70 2014 D5 AWD POLESTAR

Andrej K says:

beatiful car

Singh out Loud says:

I’d buy a Volvo in a heartbeat if they put a 6 cylinder in it. Otherwise I’ll stick to the Germans

Dennis Wong says:

I like this car more than BMW, I enjoy the process of the journey rather than just drive fast to finish it. Very good cabin to live with.

Dennis Wong says:

I like this car more than BMW, I enjoy the process of the journey rather than just drive fast to finish it. Very good cabin to live with.

mike tresson says:

looks better than bmw3 to me coz bmw3 is always same and it is so boring
benz c class also better looking than 2020 bmw3

Bandita Biswal says:

Nah xe is the best looker

beld capristo says:

Video does the s60 no justice their is one parked in our local shopping mall in that same color and trim and its absolutely gorgeous .

beld capristo says:

the s60 I see more as a competitor to the 5 series. The s40 was Volvo answer to the 3 series

Ubon94 says:

4 cylinders is a mistake.

Denis says:

Well, i do not expect the 4 cylinders engines to last as much/or to be as reliable as the 5 cyl engines, mainly because they are pushing the numbers, i mean, 250bhp+ from a 2.0 4 cyl? Why are they trying to downsize the cubic capacity?

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