Volkswagen Golf R 2018 POV review | Test Drives

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This is the Golf R. Join me for my latest POV review where I’ll take you for a test drive in Volkswagen’s all-wheel-drive hot hatch, showing you just what it’s like to drive (even in the wet!), while also letting you take a closer look at the cabin. But would you choose it over a Civic Type R? Let me know in the comments below!

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Jamster Smith says:

People thinking of buy a manual golf r be aware! The clutches in these are rubbish! Many are starting to slip at very low miles and mine is no different. 23.000 miles and has started to slip. Time to spend 1400 pound 🙁 not good at all.

Dominic Malomvari says:

Not sure about the digital display telling you when you change gear. Could be annoying

Rahim Ahmed says:

Do more POV reviews!!! They’re incredible!

En Vi says:

Yey, 4 exhaust pipes. What's the next trend? 6 or straight to 8? Oh well, at least they are not fake ones.

Grant Palmer says:

What annoys me with this car is that the GTI looks so much better!
It’s a shame VW didn’t work more on the interior of R to make it that bit more desirable.
That being said it’s still probably the best all rounder out there for your money

Samuel Brooks says:

You can only get the 5 door DSG now.

R Vlogs says:

Why no Lamborghini reviews on this channel?

Arthur Barnes says:

Truth creation evident spend attitude toward string reaction

Younes Tenn says:

I love this car

ka mar says:

This guy is like yeah whatever vw golf blah blah blah I need views for money

Jackson Schultz says:

Nice 😎👊🏻👍🏻

Deke says:

That A pillar makes you blind..

Medi Degani says:

Would you PLEASE do a Drag Race: CLA 45 [381] 4Matic vs RS3/RS4 Saloon PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE? Thank you.

Atte Pohjanmaa says:

Polo gti 2018 review?

picklesrule69 says:

My dream "affordable" car 😍 currently drive a GTD I love it

CHNSeraph says:

HI Can you tell me the brand of pants you wear in AUDI RS4 2019 and tiguan 2018? I like it very much, I want to know the brand to buy one, and you are very handsome to wear this.

imyk 611 says:

Stop reviewing the rubbish manuals!! These cars are utilised in DSG! And no, manual isn't more engaging and determines who's a better driver.

Ian Berry says:

Focus RS, all day everyday. Golf R interiors are so lame.

michael gill says:

what a boring uninspiring interior much rather audi or mercedes

Chansovann Nixon Lem says:

You didn’t stop at the stop line

Imran Rajput says:

We better get a 1 million special.

Kishan Jadeja says:

Not a real man's car😂 shitty golfs…… Looks amazing tho👍

bebebiskuvi says:

Hi Mat, Would you make the review of Millenium Falcon near your testing area, please? Thanks.

V P says:

Mat the Golf fagboy

Kevin Koeberling says:

Dreamcar! I will get the Golf 1.5 TSI R-Line in a few months… 😉

Bryan Chew says:

Im going to vomit after watching this video

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