Toyota’s Rolls-Royce for half the money – the incredible 2018 Century | Top10s

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This is the new Toyota Century. It’s a super-luxurious saloon that takes on the Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series. But there’s just one problem… It’s only due to go one sale in Japan. To find out exactly what the rest of us are missing out on – and why Toyota should sell it overseas – I run through the carwow top 10 things you need to know about it.

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Eddie Racolo says:

Looks beautiful 😍 every about it is gorgeous…V8 with a hybrid system 0 to 60 must be crazy … Honestly if I had the money I'll choose this over a Rolls Royce but not a Bentley … I still have a soft spot for the Flyin Spur .. even the 2016 and 2017 Toyota Crown Athlete is beautiful 😍 the 2018 is nice too but I prefer the 2016 looks mean and bulky

Phuck Hugh says:

i wish they'd bring it the the Us as a Lexus Century. Rolls royces breka down all of the time and cost a fortune to fix. Toyotas are reliable and relatively maintenence free

Abdul Aden says:

Thanks car wow for doing a review on this it would be even more awesome if u did a full blown review

MiguelAlejandroVF says:

Much classier than a gauche Rolls Royce.

its all about gaming says:

poor people's rolls royce

Ming Quan Chen Wu says:

The amount of stupidity and cultural disrespect in these comments are astounding. These cars are not even made for normal rich people who likes to flaunt their money. They are made for high profile politicians and members of the royal family and are made in view of what the Japanese people think is the peak of luxury (for example: wool seats are considered ultra luxury in Japan while leather seats are the norm). It is not a car that you can just get if you want. Don’t compare this to a rolls royce or a bentley or an s class bc they target majorly different demographics.

Abdul Majeed Khan Moyal says:

This is only launched in Japan! May be Toyota want to give a proud feel to it's national customers first.

tacfoley says:

Yakuza special……………

Broccoli Beefed says:

Looks like the old Cadillac Devilles. But it is a Toyota, so you know it is much better

Dreams N says:

His voice sounds like Gordon Ramsay

Sergiu Puscasu says:

The starting price for one of these is about €150,000. Which is less than half of a Rolls Royce Phantom, and cheaper than a Mercedes Maybach S-Class or Porsche Panamera Turbo, or BMW M760i. However, those cars have more performance, this Toyota is just a luxury car, not a high-performance sports sedan.

Jean Ferret says:

I actually like it. Looks dignified and restrained.

Faridoon Khan says:

Sehr schön Auto

Marquavious Chester says:

Aw man. I can't wait to watch some hentai in that beauty.

cough boku no Pico cough

John Petun says:

I got a Toyota ad..

Bruce Wayne says:

it doesnt look retro at all it looks outdated… like it was build over 15 years ago and only today they revealed it

Riel Gerard says:

Ugly grey interior why do asians like that shit 🤮

iVirtualPlays says:

The car looks to out there like something the government would be sitting in a bullet proof version of this with 20 cars behind. Or some Royal or a Billionaire.

Enzo Fxx says:

Copy of Rolls-Royce, no leather seats

twinky666666 says:

Looks like Kia , ahahahahahahhahha crap!

KHOKHAR 777 says:

Japenes need European and chinese designer also so pakistanis plan to make a brand who make world largest suv and cars only for
Big cars lover

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