Toyota Auris (Corolla) 2018 in-depth review | Mat Watson Reviews

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This is the Toyota Auris, the Japanese brand’s alternative to cars like the Volkswagen Golf and Vauxhall Astra. It’s up against stern competition, so how does it compare? Join me as I take a look around the interior, try out the back seats, asses the boot space and take it out for a drive to find out whether it’s got what it takes to fight for class honours.

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Charlie Bedford says:

Toyota Auris 2018 yet it’s a 66 plate

Evie Scott says:

works explosion opponent inevitable birthday shore serious character supply prominent thing major

Martin Jones says:

6:13 That's the quickest an Auris will ever go.

TDS seventy-five says:

to say prius

Mahmudur R Saniat says:

Have not seen any review for Yaris Hybrid yet !

Rupesh Shrestha says:

What's wrong with digital clock? In opinion they do serve a very well purpose. But the car is pretth ugly and cheaply built.

michael801 says:

Such a ugly hatchback…

Bong Lim says:

Toyota should build a performance hatch like a Honda Type R & Golf R to liven up their sleepers lineup

The Gaming Norwegian says:

one thing i wish is that Toyota could just stop with making their own navigations and isntead coop with google as Tesla have done. The toyota navigations r horrible, u r supposed to get live updates and shit but that only lasts 2 years until the new version comes out… Its just horrible. Wish they also could stop with that stupid entune app.

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