TOP 7 Pickup Truck 2016

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Matheus Ferreira says:

Vw Amarok 👏


Como se llama la pista de inicio por favor.

benja lol zx says:

Amarok las rompe a todas juntas

Gavin Abrahams says:

Old faithful the hilux . Done 400 000km and still going strong. Would by it again. Ranger looks very tempting but not a sure thing

Fadilah Fadilah says:

Nissan is best

Gul Kalwar says:

Hilux is the king of all trucks. I have 1992 hilux with its original engine 2.4 diesel. I have purchased in 1999 and didnot face any problem. Only i replaced batteries 3 to 4. Its a 2 goooooooooood truck….

HAF mOon says:


M.R GAMING says:

Toyota hilux and Nissan navara

imptodec says:

Amarok has the best top speed and comfortable

Pedro Henrique Souza Teixeira says:

Volkswagen amarok ganhou ela é a melhor de todas

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