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Nankang was founded in Taiwan in 1940 and their growth accelerated because of the establishment of the Hsinfung plant in 1973. How does this controversial brand stay afloat?Drop a comment below and let us know you’re opinion!

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Filmed & Edited: @fitmentindustries

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T. Mizzle says:

Have purchased several sets if Nankangs for different cars…never an issue with wear, ride comfort or road noise. And should I ever wear them out, at their price point, idk…just swap em out for new ones.

Mike Ajel says:

@fitment industries I need help deciding on ns-25 vs sumitomo htr a/s po2. The sumitomo will be $70 dollars more. My commute is 1 mile of dirt road, 15 miles mountain backroads and 5 miles city. I will be mostly driving in dry, wet and sometimes mud in rainy season (wet dirt road) Any advice from you all will be appreciated. Thank you.

Master T says:

So… I'm a little bit Stuck to nankang because they are (or were) the only ones to make a 185/45 15 Tire. So I fitted them. Drove them. Learned to love them. Best bang for buck you can get. Awesome stretch abilities… and when you went too far on that camber it doesnt matter they wear out after 2000 miles… they are cheap.

Nick says:

the editing here is really excessive, all the jump cuts make it so rough to watch

Uk Mud says:

Yokohama a539 used to grip like Velcro but wore out quick. Some useless info there

Uk Mud says:

Expensive tyres will not make up for lack of talent, any tyres will find a ditch.

Roseth Henning says:

Nangkang ar-1 is one of the few who makes 245/40-15 tires.. and it supose to be really good track/street tire

Arjay Umawing says:

Nice video, keep it up! Hope you do a video about Westlake Tires.

jake maher says:

Have nankangs all seasons on my pathfinder, even with 4inchs of snow never need to take it out of 2wd 😉

Black Mafia says:

I drive nankang tires on the rear and front for month now there are the best

Juan Armstrong says:

They stretch well and have had them for a year and half now on my g35 coupe good grip and performance wise

upsettuh says:

Nankang tires are horrible period. I put Noble Sport tires on my B8.5 Stage 2 A4. Tires lost tread in 2 months.

74NSZ95 says:

I've never considered buying Nankang's and I can't say this video changed my mind on that decision. I'm a believer in you get what you pay for, and Nankang's are cheap.

David Goode says:

In the uk they are known as ditch finders, as any car fitted with them is sure to find its way into a ditch.

Michael Clark says:

I run nankang ns20 and ns25 on my 135i and I love them

mac ducati says:

Switched off really irritating film all the jumping around and he thinks his audience are all 14yrs old.

Ugypt Kutan says:

Im running FALKENS…😑😑

Wilan Joa says:

Nice video!!! This history i knew i worked for the authorized representative seller in the caribbean and she told me this history NANKANG is a company that originally came from Yokohama in japan. The companies came apart with the invasion and stuff.

Moritz Schmidt says:

Truth about Douglas/Wal-Mart tires

jcues03 says:

Federal seems to be equally popular or more so also any idea why nankang ar-1 not available in the US?

Mantas_lt says:

Well, Nankang AR-1 is constantly compared to Toyo R888R. At least here in UK.

Parry Chapman says:

I've had some 285/75R16 Mudstars from Nankang on my 99 Dodge Ram 2500 for at least 5 years now.  I can't wear them out!  I use the crap out them and they look brand new.  The sidewalls will dry rot off the rim before that tread wears out!  Really impressed with them.  Will definitely be buying more Nankang in the future.

Alfred Corrales III says:

I run Nankang Mudstars on my Bronco,good tires!

ferkemall says:

I wanted to here about the tyres but the stuter out of sync robot shit format put me off ! /UK

Patrick Lambert says:

Achilles tires

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