The Hyundai Galloper Was a Rebadged Mitsubishi Montero

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The Hyundai Galloper Was a Rebadged Mitsubishi Montero

You’re taking a gander at a 1980s Mitsubishi Montero. But, in the event that you look somewhat nearer, you’ll see that you aren’t. Nearly analyze the picture above and you’ll see that this Montero says “Galloper” as an afterthought. What’s more, no, that wasn’t a trim level of the Mitsubishi Montero – however I wouldn’t put it past 1980s Mitsubishi to make a wonder such as this. Rather, it was a rebadged rendition of the Montero: the Hyundai Galloper.

Truly, truth is stranger than fiction, Hyundai sold a rebadged form of the Mitsubishi Montero, and they called it the Hyundai Galloper. I had totally overlooked this until a week ago, when I posted a video of the 2002 Hyundai Equus, and I was reminded that Hyundai and Mitsubishi completed a great deal of car sharing all through the 1990s, and into the mid 2000s. In spite of its odd name – and its age – I saw numerous Galloper models when I went by Korea in 2015.

All in all, you may ponder, for what reason did this happen? All things considered, here’s the thing: Throughout the 1980s (and still today, however not to such an extent), individuals in South Korea fundamentally declined to purchase autos that didn’t originate from Korean brands. I went to Korea as a visitor of Kia, and the Kia delegate who was with me all through our trek revealed to me that in the 1990s, the Korean-mark piece of the overall industry in Korea was more than 90 percent. Presently, it’s decreased – however it’s still more than 70 percent. Consider that: Over 70 percent of the autos sold in South Korea are from Korean automakers.

Thus now you can begin to perceive any reason why the Galloper existed. At the time, Hyundai likely didn’t have the assembling ability to create a SUV, alongside all their different vehicles, yet they knew some Korean customers needed a SUV – and they would just get one in the event that it had a Korean brand name. Detecting an opportunity, they utilized their association with Mitsubishi and wound up with a rebadged Montero called the Galloper.

When you see these in Korea today, a significant number of them have tire covers that say “GALLOPER” in substantial print, finish with a realistic of a stallion. Simply one more unusual section into the irregular universe of 1980s car rebadging.

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