The Hummer H3 is Much Better than You Think

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Rana Shourya Pratap Singh says:

Car for truck drivers

Aaron Young says:

Lol, he said Fisher Price 😂😂

Troy Bateson says:

I’ve had mine for a few months now and I love it!

gaigeb momavalshi says:

I Love h3, therefor I own yellow one, so It's the perfect off-roader

Marcus Jordan says:

Now the H3T Is an amazing thing!! Check out my lifted hummer h3t on my YouTube channel btw 😉 oh yeah the" T" stands for truck

Gregory Perkins says:

Much better than junk

Sharon Been says:

Never try to salute again. Really. Just…..don't ever do that again.

Mike Felician says:

Got a 2009 H3 5 spd manual. Saw it online and it reminded me of a G.I. Joe toy I had when I was a kid. I never even noticed the H3 when it was new. It is fun to drive. Sketchy outward visibility tho. It feels unique on the road.

MericaNow TV says:

I love the H3.

Brian Rader says:

Thanks for not bashing on the H3. I have a 2006 and love it.

Taelor Watson says:

With all the cars you buy they're like a 4 out of 10 so you drive this one and say eh it's alright.

You could save yourself a ton of money by driving these cars taking them to a mechanic having them inspected and then taking it back to their owners rather than buying them

Had did an H3 Hummer repossessed twice yet I never bought it in the first place crazy that.

Gabriel Orozco says:

this taught me nothing. kill your self.

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