The First Solar Car – Sono Motors Sion (2019) Tesla killer?

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The Sion, an innovative electric car, has integrated solar cells, a range of 250 km (155 miles) and costs only 16,000€ (excluding the battery). With the Sono Motors Sion, the first solar car will go into serial production. Offering an electric vehicle for such a competitive price will allow Sono Motors to target the mass market.

The development of the first prototype was accomplished in close cooperation with supporters from all over the world. Within a year, Sono Motors collected over 850,000€ through a crowdfunding campaign.

The Sion is the first-in-series solar car, which recharges its battery through the sun – up to 30 kilometers per day.

Starting in 2019, Sono Motors will offer the battery for a monthly rate (rent or lease) or a one time purchase. From today’s perspective the one time purchase would cost you less than 4000€. The reason why Sono Motors excludes the battery is because they want to offer you the latest available and therefore best price.

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Raslan Ismail says:

Tesla Killer !! 😒 😏

Shadow Walker says:

Super Schritt in die richtige Richtung. Eventuell könntet ihr noch mehr solar panelen einbauen wenn ihr das Design etwas umändert. Das elektro Rennen hat begonnen 🤩

Adel Ata says:

Is solar panels flexible?

Atchi Reddy says:

Sir soon motors please construct solar panels electric cars manufacture in India. Sir here diesel costs is very high sir

Tony Gibson says:

guys that is not a tesla

naoyuki sasanami says:

Need talent to create the Bonsai Zen dash as gorgeous as Ryoanji rock garden

lobba123 says:

other makers got to wake up i m surprised tesla doesn t have solar on all car body, it is old tech nothing really new and even if power is not that much at least yo won t waste all that sun we have in sunny countries

Seventh Fairy says:

I love this solar car. Gas powered cars are so stupid dangerous and such old crappy ass tech. Stupid gas powered cars and shit been around since before ww2 and it's way past time to build shit for the future!!!!

Firefox says:

Not the first solar car , Mit in usa made the first one.

Dániel Reményi says:

Nice standard. But make a beauty car please 😃

B says:

They were making solar cars in 1996. Fail.

Marriz says:

These cars that works with solar energy is the future.

Florine Edwards says:

Dame Bracha Florine creation again. Honda Inspire black princess also.

dogmader says:

Why this Tesla killer???? Tesla Motor cars doing excellent job. This is one world wide one more excelent job. NO need for negativity or to kill anybody 🙂 Just stay positive. Its great to look success 😉

TruthSeeker says:

Every car should be like that in terms of solar cells

Andy S says:

put some ultra capacitors in it

Body By PT says:

Great concert but… This could only work in the tropics. Those side panels are pretty much useless.

Ake Hilding says:

ha ha, love the simplicity, the creativity, the solar cells, the range, the super practical design and the crazy air filter and the price, this car is definitely interesting.

Carolina Rey says:

Fantastic!! 👍

Eddie G says:

I really do like the idea but it just looks like an obese Prius. I wouldn’t drive this ugly monstrosity

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