THE END of Mercedes Iconic Luxury Style in 2021 E-Class | The Short Review!

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2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class has a major face-lift of the current 10th Generation models, which were initially released back in 2017. But one main difference in comparison to all the previous E-Class models is the absence of the Luxury Styling package!

All the E-Class predecessors from 1920’s plus all 10 Generations have always offered the iconic design of the front grille paired with the three pointed star Mercedes-Benz emblem, standing on the top of the hood. Lately you had a choice between the Sport or Luxury E-Class sedan, where Luxury model is a little higher, comes with softer suspension and with the classic body design.

Starting with 2021 E-Class models that choice is no longer available! The last C-Class with the Luxury styling was available until 2017. So the only current model that actually still offers the luxury design, kept for over the century is S-Class. After E-Class Luxury discontinuation, S-Class is the only model to carry on the legacy.

Watch this video for interesting facts and some historical trends.

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WackyWardWoman says:

I like my 2018 E class sport body style so much better than the 2021!! Front of the car isn’t mean looking enough for my liking!

Jeremy Rigden says:

Hi ive got 20011 E63 biturbo and have fitted sport grill, and bonnet star, looks great, regards Jerry

Dirk Diggler says:

I’m just a young Jedi in the company of The MB MASTER.

Matt Sebastiano says:

I agree with Jim, star in the grille.

Gary G Garner says:

I prefer The Medallion vs stand up ornament. Looking at the 2020 model it is still a luxury sedan and 2021 model supposed to have more luxury features.

Michael Woods says:

I prefer the luxury.
Please don't drop standards Mercedes and become just another car. At least have as an option.

Jim Boyle says:

I prefer the star in the grille. The star on the bonnet/hood was prone to vandalism. Great videos ad always

Keith Bradfield says:

Love the luxury bage

Bryan Williams says:

I prefer the luxury body style/grille. After this style, I will not own another new model without the luxury styling.

Marcusof sillypoor says:

I enjoy owning and driving my Mercedes Benz very much, thank you…

Jaguar says:

Nothing special * Simple garbage with a very high price tag.
I own lots of them
Very poor engineering.
Those con artist saying needs for them 10 years for the development of the new car
What Happened to Bluetec oil cooler?
A simple idiot can do much better job, yes or not?
Why Mercedes go for illegal software for Diesel?
Cars from Korea have much better engineering and quality.
Shame to tiffs

MBZ Master says:

Do you find E-Class Luxury Styling appealing, or it should be "The Thing of the Past"?

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