The $85,000 Range Rover Velar Is the Coolest Range Rover Ever

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The 2018 Range Rover Velar is the newest Range Rover ever — and it’s also the coolest. Today I’m reviewing a Range Rover Velar to see why the Velar is so cool — and to show you everything important about the $85,000 2018 Velar.

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Doug DeMuro says:

I would use the Land Rover Activity Key to watch Gilmore Girls so I don't get the key wet as I cry when Rory goes off to college.

Lukas Roy says:

I would poop in my pants if I brought that off road

MP says:

Hey Doug, it would be great if you ever review a Range Rover classic two door 80’s or 70’s. I’m in the process of bringing over mine to the us so I’ll keep you inform.

Tripp Cailean says:


Perry Gibson says:

The big body range rover is the best. Just stop it.

Frodaxx says:

Religious Place

Joshua Gore says:

It looks like a Toyota harrier with lines.

MR. MAKO says:

that would have been hilarious if the active thing didn't work


I have become more appreciative of my own car because of your channel (2013 Subaru Impreza Sport Premium). I was never even "car guy" but your videos are awesome.

The Mega Gang says:


Mads Jørgensen says:

The BMW X6 is not ugly !!!

Diego R says:

Almost got this car…almost. Too bad there are other SUV’s on the market with far better performance and luxury for the same price…and more reliability. It hurts to think of how this car and the crazy amount of electronics will hold up after 2 years of regular use. A check engine light came on during my test drive..

Zack Forbing says:

Ah yes, just what we need, more technology to go out that a Land Rover mechanic can charge you triple the MSRP for

Erno Mma says:

Range Rover is trash! Most unreliable vehicle on the market! Service to service car!

jayflyxx says:

The exterior kinda reminds me a little of the first gen Infiniti FX

Amsterdam 87 says:

I’m just here for Doug’s sarcasms… fuck the range

Harsh Batra says:

BMW x6 is good looking car asshole.

Gregory Wiktor says:

The fuel door really?

Jimmy Jam says:

great review
You need better outfits
stop looking like a hermit

Adam Thornhill says:

Has anyone noticed the panel gap on the rear tailgate

Lina De Smet says:

Hopefully obviously photography dozqib both enforce specifically match toy seriously themselves tiny.

bigblocklawyer says:

Wait 2 years. Auto trader will be full of these shitboxes with nav problems and deflating air suspension. Brit shit.

MCK Rides says:

Can you see rearview camera anytime you want? Most cars lock this while driving, only can use stationery or reversing

Karson Fenton says:

Please stop talking in a way that ISN'T supposed to be transparent and easily understood. Should have said, ''MY Range Rover.'' Emphasis on MY. Any intelligent, well adjusted person knows that. Not every word has to be high pitched pea body voice.

BareJokesTV says:

British accent on point! You the man😂

Samuel Alonso says:

your camera is in the rain your camera is in the rain your camera is in the rain your camera is in the rain

Clarissa J says:

Nonsense. Terrible review

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