The 2019 BMW 3 Series Is the Newest Version of an Icon

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The 2019 BMW 3 Series is all-new — and it’s totally redesigned. Today I’m reviewing the new 3 Series to show you everything you need to know about the new G20 BMW 3 Series, and I’m driving and fully reviewing the new G20 3 Series.

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Léon Léon says:

Doug is the type of guy to take a dump with his pants up to his knees

SuperMrBentley says:

Glad to see bmw in 2019 has most of the features of my 2012 S60

mrmrmrmrmr shebz says:

Doug is still going through puberty, hence the Doug is the type comments…. Immature audience for a (Im)mature reviewer.

Dan the Man says:

some tech are so unnecessary. It seems like cars don't have much space to improve now

Daniel Craig says:

Someone please explain to me how the cameras can point at the car

Yan Guly says:

Base model features and few options 😀
Seems it's FULLY PACKED 3 Series

Cheesez88 says:

He’s like American Jeremy Clarkson

Henry Discipline says:

E36 model that everyone loves??? Count me out of that one, I hate the E36, and have owned 7 of them!!

Niven does stuff says:

Too much tech means less driver ability… Boeing 737 max never be a Sully Sullenberger!

Charlotte Müller says:

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bannajirocks says:

bullshit car. why put so much tech you know it is going to break someday

tommy d u b b s says:

Lolol Woodcliffe Lake Doug? What you doing in Jersey

AlleviatE says:

BMW is the best luxury car maker in delivering great driving experience, quality materials, pioneering technologies, fascinating design, safety and melodious exhaust notes.

Erica Johnson says:

Doug I been watching all your videos and u reviewed all these bmw but never the e46 or e92 m3’s people consider them one of the best Bmw’s ever made

Mark Villano says:

BMW should put a depreciation gauge on the dashboard right next to the tachometer. It would have to be something like a calendar / odometer combo gauge, with a dollar figure overlay, so you could see how much value your new BMW is losing with every passing mile, and every passing day. This gauge would run continually in the background, so that when you get into the vehicle after a prolonged absence, it would be able to tell you exactly how much less it is worth since the last time you drove it. I would also suggest that they include a Doomsday / Sunset feature with the depreciation gauge, (they could market it as a package). This feature would activate when the car has achieved maximum worthlessness, which can be described as the point where it would make more sense financially to have it crushed and made into a coffee table, than it would to replace the carbon ceramic brakes.

CalisRemedy says:

It looks like a Lexus IS

Robert Phelan says:

Doug, This new 3 series almost reminds me of the late 90's early 2000's Ford Contour, I am sure in person the 2 look nothing alike, but that was the first thing to pop into my head.

hixyvsnd says:

“THIS is…”

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