The $100,000 Dodge Demon Is the Craziest Muscle Car Ever

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The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is the most ridiculous muscle car of all time. Today I’m reviewing a Dodge Demon to show you all the cool features of the Demon — and to show you what you get with a $100,000 Dodge Demon.


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Doug DeMuro says:

Ya know … I had an incident with a Hellcat.

REDVETTExxx says:

Bet he hit ~120 mph 🙂

Superior Spider-ManTM says:

You know someone’s going to buy this new, drive it once, and park it in their field and let it set for 30 years.

Josh B says:

People who try to say cars like these are stupid… Watch ANYBODY drive a Demon or even a Hellcat and I dare you to find someone who isn't smiling or giggling like a child with glee. That's important.

ssdtrain1 says:

UM Doug??,, maybe you should watch the Demon Challenger vs Lambo Huracan before you start quoting
how many cars it's faster than.. I "STILL" wouldn't spend 100k on a Dodge anything newer than 1970…and how can you call this a "production" car,, Production cars don't come with "DRAG SLICKS".., And P.S. this video is total BS !!

ssdtrain1 says:

Price on lot $100k
price when driven off lot: $70k

Gary Peatling says:

Love probably last of these to be built thank God for USA magic in defiance of rest of world and common sense would get one need to move Ireland could comprehend this

Mr Network says:

“Most powerful production V8 ever” I think koeneggseg will say otherwise…😂


Big chrysler V8 is all i need to say………..

Aaron Durnin says:

Doug, the type of guy that likes Jimmy Eat World

Yyyytje ii says:

'Is that ZeZe is that ZeZe'

Styd' Antoine Tbk says:

Before my dream car was a lambo, now I want a Demon

Laszlo Zolyomi says:

Sub-10 quarter mile, 0-60 in 2.3, 100 grand, RIDICULOUS

Echo Fooman says:

Try to dodge my Dodge!

Chris Thomas says:

He needs more cameras when he drives. Redline reviews does the driving portion better. Let's see the outside of the car and the forward facing view

Jim Thomas says:


Big Sosa says:

Tills be worth more 20 more years it’ll be slow af and 70mph will be the new 35mph

Abraham Thawng says:

It’s not the quickest production car in history cuz then after the Tesla Roadster 2.0 comes the demon won’t beat it cuz the 2.0 0-60 in less then 2.0 sec

MoparOrNoCar6.2 says:

Doug. The hellcat has a large number of those features and all you did was almost wreck one. Love your videos but, give respect where it is due.

Jordan Carlson says:

Too bad fiat Chrysler is utter garbage
Kelley blue book and all those car rating and appraisal services are not to be trusted.

Hair Hat Exterminator says:

pull up with a demon on god!!!

JE V says:

It's a muscle car it's a muscle car it's a muscle car. You want aero and want handling? Then this is not the car for you. I'm all for handling but this is not the car to critic wind drag and slalom times.

B K says:

And no cornering..

Paul Phoenix says:

when accelerating performance cars set the camera looking out the windshield and not at you.

bill loves eugene says:

in the hellcat cause he's a hell raiser

SuperR/T says:

Doug “ you know I had an incident with a hellcat “ lmaooo got me with that one 😂

Ebuka Enoka says:

I think I’m in love 😍😍😍😍

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