Taming a TVR Tuscan *Widow maker!*

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This car is simply terrifying! 400 Horsepower and no driver aids! It also happens to be one of the quirkiest cars about with it’s hidden door handles. What are your thoughts on the Tuscan?
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Nick Archer says:

"Death Trap"……. obviously your driving ability is on par with your reviewing ability……stick to something more suitable, can I recommend a Kiddie-car…..seems about your limit

Tˀhˀeˀ Qˀuˀeˀsˀtˀiˀoˀnˀ says:

It’s fucking ugly

Mac Catt says:

As in life all the safety features in this car are behind your eyes and between your eyes…. If its raining drive appropriately… Duh…
TVR's never had driver aids, if you bin it it's you fault, man up or buy something else the choice is yours.

Mac Catt says:

Your driving a car that was made in circa 2001 in 2019 and feel like it's fragile and brittle, yet it looks immaculate after 18 years….? How do your square that away? I own one of these in 2002 an always felt like I was driving the batmobile. Just the right amount of bonkers.

Steven says:

Saw this car parked near St James park London a few months ago.

Dav37D says:

Talking lots of shite and knowing nothing about the car you’re talking about!

Bad IDZ says:

Don’t give up

Robert Parton says:

Sorry that’s an understatement he hasn’t got a bloody clue what he talking about it’s all total bollocks this video,I should know I own one.

Robert Parton says:

This needs to get his facts right.

Martin Gibson says:

What did I just watch? I couldn't take my eyes off the screen because it was so bad. This has to be a parody account, right? I mean, nobody can be this bad and be taken seriously.

bestmovieshollywoodandallentertainment says:

nicE vedio super nicE car

coldos says:

What a clown.

Colin Cook says:

Don’t give up your daytime job, because reviews of cars is not for you.

fizmo100 says:

You really don't know what you are on about do you? I nearly spat my coffee out over my keyboard when you said 'I know A LOT about these cars'. Just riddled with statements that are plain bollocks. You don't even know what size engine is in it… 0-60 times are easy to find… 10 seconds? Behave yourself! You do need to know which model/engine you have, so I can see why you'd struggle with your 'thorough' research. Insurance is no hassle and cheap as you can insure on a classic cars policy (I pay £300 a year for mine). I'm still not sure if it feels like a Porsche 997 GT3 RS, 996, 992 (?), GT3 RS, 996 GT2 or whether it feels like everything is held on with chewing gum.

Sorry, but twaddle.

chriswattsy says:

You just don’t get it !

puppy roblox says:

veru danger

Social Promo says:

wow thats cool!

Dj Extreme says:

Brother i can't afford a laptab….please send me the one ur offering…m from a middle class family still my family got me admitted in btech …they r giving all of their income for my education but still we can't afford one laptop….please help me with DAT…i request u bro…i will always b with u and always be thankful to u

Ultimate Lyrics says:

very nice! I really like that. I haven't seen like that in real life

Jake Trocio, DDM says:

That lambo giveaway ad legit? 😁
And anywhere in the world can win?

Reine Ivan Josue Alvarado says:

I love your videos. I hope I'll win

Shalem Raj says:

Bro u are making awesome videos 👌💯

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