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2018 Commercial Car of the Year: Best large van

If you have got a big job you need a large van and these are some of the biggest in the business.

Read in-depth review of winner: https://www.drive.com.au/car-of-the-year/best-large-van-winner-ford-transit-118408.html?trackLink=ccotyListing_1

2006 IVECO DAILY 50C72 3.0L HPT



The most popular model

Самая популярная модель

In this video, I will be talking about why the Corvette C7 Stingray Z51 makes for a surprisingly great daily driver. Especially when you consider the car it is. Also, if you live in Austin Tx (or willing to drive here) and you have a car you’d let me review, let me know and we’ll get together! Thanks for watching!
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This week i take a trip to Carrick-on-Shannon County Leitrim to check out Euromotive Components customised 2016 IVECO Daily van. This is no ordinary van as you will see when we check out whats in the back!
There are plenty of different engine sizes to choose from in the IVECO Daily range, from a 116hp diesel engine right up to this model which features the 3.0 litre Diesel engine with 2015hp 470Nm. There is also a CNG engine (Compressed Natural Gas) model available.
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Hey Cupbangers – As the old saying goes, big things come in small packages…or some sexual reference like that.

I’m here to fill you in on why I love my Smart Car so much. Check it out and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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New Car: 2017 Iveco Daily van review

This version of the 2017 Iveco Daily 50C van is the biggest you can buy, and it’s also larger than any of its competitors… but so is its price-tag.

The cargo area, as you’d expect, is huge. There is 5.12m of floor length to use, 2.10m of load height and 1.74m of width, with just 1.03m between the wheel arches – meaning it isn’t wide enough to house a standard pallet between the housings. That’s not a massive issue, though, because there’s space behind the arches and in front of them to strap down a pallet, and there are 16 floor-mounted D-hooks to secure loads to.

The practicalities are all taken care of: there are barn doors that open up 270 degrees at the rear (allowing an opening of 1.53m wide by 2.00m high) and a single solid sliding door on the kerb-side (opening: 1.26m by 1.80m), with a step-in height of 77cm. Just watch your thumb when opening the side slider – it can pinch your skin.

The front could be a touch sharp over speed-humps and potholes, and at higher speeds we noticed a bit of a resonant shudder through the entire vehicle when un-laden. Of course, the driver doesn’t notice the bigger bumps in the road as much as the passenger thanks to the Iveco’s brilliant pneumatic suspension seat, which even features heating.

The biggest surprise, though, was the ease of manoeuvrability offered by what is, a very large van. Its steering is very accurate, making it easy to hustle around town despite its large turning circle (14.5m kerb to kerb). It’s also stable and predictable at higher speeds, though the wheel can jostle in the driver’s hands over sharp bumps.

Some of the plastics in our test vehicle were poorly finished, too, including the passenger side airbag cover. But, we can appreciate that the large, plasticky sun-visors will be ideal for those who drive east in the morning and west at sunset.

There’s an additional storage bin on top of the dashboard for storing smaller items which, again, had average fit quality.

The knobs for the single-zone climate control offers decent tactility, though, and the captain’s chair-style armrest on the inner side of driver’s seat makes light work of longer trips. Both the windows at the front are auto down, and the driver’s is auto-up, too.

The driver information screen has detailed trip computer analysis, but misses out on a digital speedometer. On the screen we saw fuel consumption averaged at 10.3 litres per 100 kilometres, which is exceptional for such a big piece of moving machinery.

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New Car: 2017 Iveco Daily van review
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The Noble M600 Speedster is the next generation of carbon fiber supercar from the British Manufacturer Noble. From the company which bought you the M600 the team has been working hard to bring a convertible supercar to market. This car has a 4.4 v8 twin turbo engine which will do -0 – 120 in 8.9 seconds. I speak with the managing director of Noble , Peter Boutwood and the managing director of the official Noble dealership Super Veloce Racing. Show you around this amazing vehicle and find out more about the car.

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Forget utes, forget standard four-wheel drives – when payload and off-road ability are paramount, lveco’s recently revamped Daily 4×4 means business …


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When you think rugged off-road vehicles, one of the last ones that comes to mind, for most people, is the Iveco Daily 4×4. As we find out here, it ought to be on your consideration list. 


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The Noble M600 Speedster is the next generation of carbon fiber supercar from the British Manufacturer Noble. From the company which bought you the M600 the team has been working hard to bring a convertible supercar to market. This car has a 4.4 v8 twin turbo engine which will do -0 – 120 in 8.9 seconds. I speak with the managing director of Noble , Peter Boutwood and the managing director of the official Noble dealership Super Veloce Racing. Show you around this amazing vehicle and find out more about the car.

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Now with a full auto transmission option, Iveco’s new Daily van and cab/chassis range is set to shake up the light-duty commercial scene.
Full review found here: http://goo.gl/mNqOdv

Hello and today we have a 2008 Iveco Daily van I know we have done a few Iveco reviews but all the vans are just a little bit different and this is 45c15 which is a 4.6 ton gross it is quite a rare model van

World premiere: the new all-electric Fuso eCanter

The Fuso Canter E-Cell is now the Fuso eCanter. The new name represents the third generation of the world’s first fully electric-powered light truck, and the small-scale production run is an important step on the way to full production. Technically, the eCanter is radically different from its predecessor and benefits from the extensive findings of customer trials with the second generation and the reduced costs of battery and component technology. It will be presented at the IAA International Motor Show for Commercial Vehicles 2016.

The Fuso eCanter’s locally zero-emission drive will not only reduce the impact of exhaust and noise emissions on city centres, but will also be an economically attractive alternative to diesel engines. Thanks to lower technology costs the eCanter will be launched to market at a competitive price. Lower running costs compared to an equivalent diesel model mean that any additional expense can be repaid in less than three years.
The new eCanter uses a permanent synchronous electric motor with an impressive output of 185 kW and torque of 380 Nm. Power is transferred to the rear axle by a standard single-speed transmission.

The vehicle premiered at the IAA has a battery capacity of 70 kWh. Depending on the body, load and usage, a range of more than 100 km without stationary recharging is possible. The batteries are spread over five units, one centrally in the frame right behind the cab and two more on each side of the frame. They are water-cooled lithium-ion batteries that provide a long service life, high efficiency, especially at high ambient temperatures, and compact construction of the battery units. The eCanter’s exceptional weight balance is worth highlighting. The chassis load capacity of the 7.49 t vehicle is 4.63 t including the body and load.

Individual battery packs with three to six sets of batteries of 14 kWh each are planned for the upcoming small-scale production run. This allows the eCanter to be adapted to customer requirements with regards to range, price and weight. The concept is based on the results of customer tests that show that for some operators, payload is more important than range, while others are happy to sacrifice payload for longer range, i.e. more batteries.

Equally adaptable are the charging options: up to 80 percent capacity within an hour with direct current at a quick charging station, or 100 percent in seven hours with alternating current. In the future, rapid charging with 170 kW will be possible, meaning 80 percent battery capacity in only half an hour. A standard Combo 2 plug (known as Combined Charging System) is used for charging.

The results of a year-long fleet test with the second generation electric Canter have shown that around 1000 euros per 10 000 km can be saved with this vehicle compared to a diesel version. Coupled with a reduction in maintenance costs of around 30 percent, this makes the Fuso an economical solution for customers. The projected sales price means that any additional expense will be repaid in less than three years. These vehicles have proven their suitability for daily use in short-radius distribution and urban transport.

The Fuso eCanter will have its world premiere at the IAA as a preview of the small-scale production run that will be delivered to customers in Europe, the USA and Japan as of 2017. The exhibition vehicle features a unique and attractive design, with LED headlamps and a distinct grille and bumper, and a redesigned interior including a central, removable tablet with connectivity functions. The wide comfort cab is painted in metallic blue, as are the fully-clad sides. A walk-on glass floor in the exhibition vehicle’s box body offers a view of the drive unit and the batteries.

While these design elements provide a vision of the eCanter’s future, the technology is the same as in the small-scale production model.

The production version of the Fuso Canter on show at the IAA has been noticeably upgraded. The world’s best-selling light commercial vehicle covers the range from 3.5 t to 8.55 t permissible gross vehicle weight. The upgrade includes a new colour concept for the interior with functional black, high-quality flooring and chrome trim in the cockpit.

From a technical point of view the focus is on the second generation of the Duonic double clutch transmission. A new shift strategy saves fuel, and the new clutch further increases the longevity of the robust Canter. All Canter with Duonic now feature a hill holder as standard and optional cruise control. The engines in all Canter now comply with the Euro VI emissions standard, combined with SCR technology.

Joel Helmes from www.behindthewheel.com.au road tests and reviews the 2015 Iveco Daily three way tipper.

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Ex Military Humvee Hummer Mini Review

In this episode, we were fortunate enough to get a chance to review our first car, and what an amazing first car to review! We do a mini review of a Humvee Hummer, which is a genuine ex army car. The car was imported from America to Australia, and had lots of the bullet proof parts replaced for fibreglass parts. It had the interior completely redone in new carpet and leather seats, and all of the guns removed 🙁

We started the day with some lunch, and then went straight to the Hummer.

Unfortunately we didn’t drive the car ourselves, it was far too hard to drive, and we didn’t want to mess anything up.

Thanks heaps to Chad for letting us take out his car for the day. He is an electrician, so if you need some work done, get it from him, as a thanks for letting us use his car.

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Matt Wood takes the Iveco Daily 4×4 for a test drive.

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Improved power, elegant styling, better MPG, and a spacious cabin make the refreshed 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid a no-brainer for those of you seeking a fuel-efficient and comfortable daily driver and long distance cruiser. While nearly 50 MPG in the city may be enough to sway those also considering a Prius, especially if more conservative design is an important consideration.

IVECO Daily 2016 video review, posted by AutoeBid, your best source of new van deals and discounts.


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Our first test drive review in the 2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad AWD three-row crossover explores in detail why it’s such a hot seller in its segment. Full on and off-road test, and detailed review.

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Iveco’s towering and tough Daily 4×4 takes four-wheel driving to new heights…