Subaru Outback Review | Auto Expert John Cadogan | Australia

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Mathew Hamel says:

Gymba intia…
Exactly why I love Ford.
The problem is that I love Ford.
AWD is superior and well above all else.
Subaru has been written in the world history books for the proven success…

Jaymate says:

Subaru's are normally a bit expensive, but the Outback is actually VERY cheap for it's class.

VBHB says:

That silver is so nice. Going to get the Outback for the Fam in a few years. Still running around in the MY15 WRX great cars.

C Annon says:

John's humour is much like the morning constitution, done with a sense of urgency not the best aromatic experience but a complete feeling of joy once its all over. I give his humour the big flush.đź’©

johnnie lewis says:

Sorry no hate mail here this review helped me by a new Outback I am extremely pleased with it as I very rarely haul anything so that to me doesn't matter. In the USA ( I live in Kansas and have to travel to cold weather States mainly in Colorado I have just never found anything better in bad weather than a Subaru. Typically trade at the 200,000 Mile mark. This will be my 5th out back one from every generation. Definitely a thumbs-up from this Kansas boy !

poo bum says:

the roof rack was the first thing i said i didnt like – no worries well remove it !!
fair enough !!!

Joby Feccia says:

Excellent review. Thanks. It's not an SUV it's a station wagon!

Bob Sax says:

I’m pretty sure he hates minis but I would love to see him do a video on them.


great vid as usual… what's the music at the beginning?

Gazza Rover says:

OutrbaCK PREMIUM or XV.s? :/

Gazza Rover says:

"pleasuress Interuptus" You weren't in the army by any chance were you?

Gazza Rover says:

Absolutely LOVE your humour, wit and vehicle intel, you are 100% my go to guy for car reviews an integrity!

Peter Richardson says:

Well John, I have purchased my new outback with confidence after seeing your review. I must say I am happy with my new car, cheers. I have also taken the liberty of copying your review link into Subaru's follow-up survey with an explanation that your review was a significant reason for my purchasing decision

Dusty Rains says:

As for towing, I just now finished towing an 850 lb motorcycle from West Coast to East Coast and back in the US. 3.6R Outback Touring model. Trailer weight around 800 lbs. 1700 lbs total, give or take. 3.6R gas motor. Many long uphill grades. CVT did fine, although pretty noisy when really working hard. Mileage really suffered, getting around 14 mpg average for the entire trip. Can't complain about the vehicle performance. We drove in shifts, wife or myself sleeping in the back with second row folded down, on a foam mattress. 7000 miles total. Eyesight and other tech really made the entire trip much easier than without.

Kris Chung says:

Honest, knowledgeable, hell of a good salesmanship demonstrated but respectable. good man.

Hellspont X says:

Ok is it just me or was it weird as fuck when he just veered from discussing cars to discussing man/horse sex for like 2 minutes.

Michael Dillon says:

Honestly have to say Brother you have the most informative honest and freakin Hysterical reviews seriosly being a car guy and having owned tons of vehicles I would have to say I agree with your conclusions, they are Honest and on point.

Daryl Younger says:

I’ve owned 4 of these over 14 years. Great car has proven itself many times. Towed quite a few 4×4 out of the shit over the years which surprised the drivers of those cars no end. Didn’t surprise me at all. Traction is a function of true 4 wheel drive and tyre grip for the surface you’re on. Adaptive cruise is great and works extremely well. Eyesight safety can intrude but has saved an old lady who stepped in front of me one Saturday morning in town. It works. It craps on Kluger, Territory or Hyundai without fuss. Just better quality car. It’s not a tow car, but it tows my 8×5 tandem with welding bench and tools no problem. It’s a great car. If you had any understanding of service you would know dufus.

Robert N says:

3:24 "I'd rather pitch and not catch" I'm dying here LMFAO

Joe Gotillyoublow says:

As far milage goes the 3.6 gets better milage than the 2.5 if the car is loaded down or if you drive in the mountains. The 2.5 uses lots of gas when it has to work hard.

Rain Randla says:

For 2014 Outback i have notised front wheelspinn when wheels turned out and you start heavy foot, before back wheels kick in. Not with torsen equped A6 quattro though. And also 10s to 100kmh is quite slow.

easy4steve says:

Hi John , well I took your advice on the outback and have picked up a new 2018 2.5I in perth for 36990 drive away . I have contacted your guys for a better price but they cant match it , so I have locked this one in .cheers

bellamycmr says:

I’m not sure if I like this guy or not. His reviews are in-depth and sarcastic, which I like, but arrogant? Ummmm?

NVRAMboi says:

Apparently I've been living under a rock (here in the USA). When did Outback become an SUV?
SUV is being casually tossed about now (see the new Chevrolet Blazer). Whisky Tango Foxtrot – these are cars, NOT SUVs based upon brand native trucks anymore. Most of the US domestic CUVs/SUVs now look like roller skates that are doubling as suppositories. SUV? I think not. Great video btw.

funnelweb10 says:

Apart from the weird horse pitch and catch talk, just weird, great review

Jane D Redding says:

I don't need or want Eyesight. I have the basic driving skills and self discipline not to hit the car in front of me. This feature is for the morons who have to play with their iphones while driving. We just need a mandatory software/firmwear install on every iPhone (or like device) to shut down the phone while in motion.

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