SsangYong Rexton Ultimate 2019 review

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Would this seven-seater work for your large family?

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Much like it Utes Counterpart the Musso

alagadnikiko2 says:

Put a tv monitor like nissan terra



Piago HD says:

Now this company ownd by Indian mahindra group

Rajeev Sood says:

Got the older rexton W. Test driven the new one. Very nice cabin though the 19"rims cause the ride quality to drop a little (UK roads though!)

Владимир Ленин says:

Buy Fortuner Ssangyong Rexton is worthless suv

Finbar Mills says:

"There's not much room or airbags for the third row" how is that a surprise? It's not a minivan. Average review

as says:

We need compare vs Mazda cx 9

Sunil Ipe says:

It's posco steel and strong

Roger Rarebit says:

Call me when their dealer support network is up and running reliably.

Matthew Raymond says:

Not a review, more of a sales pitch.

Domino Dancer says:

I just took delivery of an Ultimate model last week for business and personal use (towing a horse float). It has a 3500kg tow capacity (with tow bar and electric brakes fitted) and handled towing a double angle-load horse float last weekend with ease. Loving this car so far! So much luxury for the price! (I gave up on Jeep releasing a new model of the Grand Cherokee, which was my last tow vehicle).

Ferdinand Funes says:

Not bad. Ssangyong's line up is getting top notch. That Rexton will give other SUVs a run for their money.

Chewbacca says:

I want to buy the rexton but don't have enough money to buy the Rexton Ultimate, but nobody is making a presentation of the entry level rexton.

Greg Burville says:

Your reviews are getting much better lately. I guess you'll be invited to the weekly Tools In The Shed soon.

Tony S says:

Looks like the 3rd Korean brand might just give the others a run for the money this time.

Thomas Youil says:

Yo wtf, there was no mention if your mysterious 185cm husband can fit in the car.

Will Hale says:

Buy a wagon and save money on fuel lugging that monster around

dshiningsword says:

First time happened that No likes and No views.. Im the first 1 🙂

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