SsangYong Musso 2018 review

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Far from being a workhorse built from the ground up for tradies and farmers, the SsangYong Musso is actually an SUV that has been turned into a dual cab ute. In fact, in Korea, they call the Musso an “open SUV”. So, can it offer the best of both worlds? Matt Campbell finds out.

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Gaz Pyrotechnics says:

6.8? I would choose the Musso over the Mercedes. The interior is much nicer and the exterior looks a lot nicer too. I think you’re paying a lot of money, many 1000s more, just to have a Mercedes badge glued to the front of a truck.

김영재 says:

이형이 작은거야 내가 키가 큰거야? 저차 실제로 봤는데 전고가 내 턱에 오던데

Petrillo123 zbornak says:

And surprise surprise, the UK version does without a sunroof or any of the fancy rear deck trimmings nor does it have any interior choices. Disappointing as usual.

Mcmerc01 says:

Looks like a very well thought out and promising product. Ssangyong could be onto a winner here, and at $40k for a top spec, it's seriously worth considering.

Bryan Phillips says:

I wonder if the lift kit and larger wheels will be offered as an option package? I think the ute in the review looks great – even if the short tray is a little unusual.

Sunil Ipe says:

This car is most underrated and after decades of loss they made success with Tivoli. This man seems to be paid by rivals like Mercedes.

Woz Getley says:

👍👍 like it🤘🤘

조용필 says:

Very nice review.
I m owner of this model.
4×4, Locking Differential in Rear(G80 type)
Happy with it at this price.

MIN JUN Choi says:

ㅋㅋㅋ 한국까지와서 리뷰촬영인가요?ㅋㅋ

frankus54 says:

I've got a 9 year old Sangyong Kyron. Done 345,000 Km and been solid, reliable and cheapest car I've owned

Кружок 4x4 MUSSOvod says:

would have shown that there is a bottom there.
suspension look.

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