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Skoda Kodiaq vRS review:

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The Skoda Kodiaq vRS is something of a niche proposition, offering buyers the practicality of a seven-seat SUV with the performance of a ‘warm’ hatchback. As a result, direct rivals are few and between, but prospective buyers may also want to consider the Cupra Ateca, Land Rover Discovery Sport and, ironically, the Sportline version of the standard Kodiaq. Ginny puts the Kodiaq vRS through its paces to see if the performance matches up to the styling, and whether the car retains all that makes the standard vRS such a good family car.

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BusinessClassOnly says:

eh, exhaust note ?? The noise in the cabin is fake ..can´t believe you missed that !!


She sounds like matt Watson, is she his sister?

Propan Butan says:

Ginny is so much better than clown don't even know his name

Shanjan Usman says:

Working class version of a Lamborghini Urus

Stephen Warhurst says:

WTF fake tail pipe is worse then fake looking mag wheels hubcaps that car makes do to nearly every car these days

Filipe Melo says:

I’d like to see the Land Rover and the X3 with the same equipment cost the same as this one. That’s just a dishonest comparison.

Thomas says:

I though there was a petrol variant?

william stevenson says:

This woman has very large feet

J Chs says:

Actually prefer the Sportline and the wheels, this looks trying too hard with crazy road tax to kill it off. Sportline is the one for me to consider next

tudalvc says:

Why would I buy a car from a company that cheated, my life and everyone's life worldwide is affected…..VAG group should be a No No

ken millwall1885 says:

Like the car but the wheels don't do much for me prefer chrome alloys.

Batko Dimitrov says:

What a woman! Beautiful!

Nigel Bartlett says:

Is this car huge or are you a tiny pixie lady with huge feet?

Radu Stefan says:

1:47 dang her hand shows she`s quite old i tought she looked 38-40 ish

Jiri Kral says:

So which one you will choose Kodiaq VRS or Discovery Sport HSE Luxury (234bhp diesel version)?

Francis McNulty says:

She reminds me of Frodo Baggins !! Will she grow into her feet 😉😉LOL

Paul M says:

Will be ok 2nd hand, but £43k for a Skoda?!

Beorn says:

Land Rover and BMW? The Skoda is up near the top on the 2018 JD Power reliability survey the other two are "Elsewhere"
Totally agree the Sportline is a better buy. I am off for a test drive soon. Nice review.

Griffinnn89 says:

£43k…what were they thinking?!

Luc Rolland says:

There is no need to SUV in the UK. The MPVs or the minivans make more sense. It is much better to buy a Gran Picasso or Gran Scenic. Stop making people think that SUVs give value.

KL M says:

Not ONE WORD about how quiet it is on the inside. Man this channel sucks hard. Thumbs down all day!

mystikal says:

It's ugly.I can't say anymore.

Alex Quinn says:

I have a kodiaq SE L and it’s mint! But a big part of why it’s a class car is what you get for the money. This spec chucks that out the window. Still a class motor but not worth the price. I would consider buying a scout or a sport line but this nah

Samuel Truncale says:

Wish we had these in the US.

Pim Smit. Atheïst. says:

Folks, these journalists will never have critiques like you have here. Yours is more honest. They want to keep “reviewing” many cars.

Marcel Boeltjes says:

ugly car////

Telluride says:

I'll take the 2020 Ford Explorer ST.

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