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This is the new Skoda Fabia! The changes to the new Fabia are by no means groundbreaking, with a new grille coupled with a few new interior features brought in. But with a starting price of only £13,000, does the lack of a complete overhaul really matter? Join Mat for his latest review and see what you think!

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Jags 22079 says:

whats wrong with his accent…..swallow every word

Petar Maksimovic says:

What's up with Skoda and high roof line? Lower that thing down.

Colin me says:

Shit review. Great car.

Irina Gledhill says:

I bought one, the "high spec" as I do not need a large car any longer, last one was an Octavia estate. It is ok, so far I am quite enjoying it but there are two things about it that annoy me, 1 is the centre arm rest, it makes operating the handbrake awkward and 2 the glasses holder is not so big or as softly padded as the octavia and my sunglasses make the opening a bit difficult to close. Apart from those its a good little car.

Lloyd Manning says:

As a Fabia MY18 Combi/Estate/Wagon owner I feel that Matt is not seeing it for what it is. In Australia the spec level I bought is the top of the line (excluding Monte Carlo, but more on that in a minute) ‘Premium Sport’. I replaced a Saab 9-5 Aero Estate with Stage 3 BSR to buy my little Fabia and I am not disappointed. I drive to and from work in Sydney and do a bit of running around where I need a longish load hence the wagon. I have gone from 14L/100km to 7.3L/100km. It is not as luxurious as the Saab, but it is lighter and more nimble for city driving. The seats are firm and the sports suspension is jiggly over our crappy roads, but no more than my wife’s Mazda2. I bought an OBD2eleven and I have permanently turned off the start/stop. This was/is its only real frustration. The DSG is so poor off the mark that coupled with stop/start it was downright dangerous!. Matt, you keep quoting power outputs. Off the mark and around town usefulness is all about torque!!! This has 200Nm. When I bought it 16 months ago the Polo had 160Nm, Mazda2 140Nm, Mazda CX-3 192Nm and the Mazda3 200Nm. These were what I shopped it against as they are all the same length (except Mazda3). This and a brilliant 3 cylinder turbo makes traffic light GPs fun and cruising and overtaking on the highway between Sydney and Newcastle easy. I don’t mis the bulk and fuel consumption of the Saab (I still have a 9-3SS V6 Aero cabriolet for that) and it is a blast to drive zipping around the city. My 5 best features: keyless entry and ignition, space (530L in the boot which is bigger than most mid size SUVs), infotainment with Apple CarPlay, engine, fuel economy. 5 worst features: startstop, DSG gearbox, lack of good cup holders, armrest position to handbrake and price. Was $29,500 with options and premium sport, I paid $24,000 drive away. Sorry for the long post but I think the Fabia deserves it.

Courtney Rager says:

First Carwow review that I’ve ticked down, Matt looked disinterested and disgusted with the whole idea of reviewing a less glamorous car from the outset… obviously been reviewing the more high end cars for too long and this is a bit of crash back down to earth for him.

It’s a shame, as he’s definitely up there as being one of the best in his field.

sclol707 says:

Fur f**k sake I am so sick of this government diesel gate sh*t. I want economy, government should keep there nose out of things they don't understand. Shame on skoda for giving in!!!!!

life-is-fun says:

Ok it a 13 000 £ car. What info system you expect Mat. For £13 000 or £15 000 that system is more than good. And it looks responsive when you play with it.

Martin Woods says:

Check out my "Approved Used Skoda Nightmare" – on YouTube before you buy a lemon like I did from Meadens Skoda.

Approved Used Skoda Nightmare –

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Mario Losberg says:

Still the ugliest car in class just like octavia… cars for grandpas… I will rather buy Renault clio, Kia rio or Hyundai I 20 than this awful car… lol

AAtaman says:

I really love my Fabia 2018 1.0 TSI DSG 110 HP. The best that you can buy with acceptable price level.

Mike F says:

I feel like this guy is trolling car enthusiasts.

robdotcomlink says:

I had to turn the subtitles on because he was talking a different version of English than I do. At least Jeremy Clarkson is articulate, but he's a professional.

Parth Desai says:

Skoda is one of the most underappreciated car brands in the world!!

Shane need blinds Best in Melbourne says:

Hello how are you friendly man

Rami Goodwin says:

Bane from batman xD

Tom Barnes says:

Pathetic reviews knit picking at anything possible…

Andrew White says:

The interior is so f**** cheap and ugly

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