Should I Sell my Tesla Model X for this Mercedes?

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I drove in the Mercedes Concept EQ in Portugal. This is the future of Mercedes Electric Vehicles and will be out in 2019.

Here is our Current Car:

Thanks to Mercedes for hooking us up with this ride! I’m super pumped for the future of Electric Vehicles!!
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Secret Person says:

“The future is electric vehicles”
The Future

Kabir Ranwa says:

Take the Mercedes

Alec Lollita says:

The tesla is better

Cushy Kids says:

Don't sell it

Binta Amin says:

A few months this car is out for sale

De Space says:

This is a baby car compared to the tesla roadster

pavani en says:

If car battery is completely dead & need to replace with new battery how much it cost.

oskar Lucas says:

Tesla is the best

Oxi Clean says:

You know light up shoes? This is the car version of that

Noralah Bakti says:

no don't sell it you work hard

Omair Ibn Jafar says:

Come on people, Mercedes might be older in engine cares, but Tesla is older & experienced in EV era. So, Mercedes might give you better look & seats, but technologies? Of course Tesla wins.

mariana militaru says:

I have one only word

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