Seat Tarraco REVIEW Premiere all-new SUV Exterior Interior – Autogefühl

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In today’s Autogefühl’s episode, we present you the all-new Seat Tarraco SUV. As always we cover exterior, interior, engines and the prospect of driving experience.

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Dado - says:

Just add a few more TEUR and buy real vw instead of overpriced copy.

Pontus Ström says:

what colour is it on this car? we have bought a brand new Tarraco and it will be ours in 1 aug 2019.

José Manuel Correa Pino says:

Just an amazing car!

zen says:

Türkiyede şansı yok. Bunu bir şiir ile açıklamak istiyorum,
Araba çok güzel Tarraco
Ama bizim ülkede vergiler Yarrako

salman Sulaiman says:

Spanish car ?

Peter Abderhalden says:


TheDutchGuy110 says:

take a shot everytime ''Design Language'' is mentioned

john doe says:

its a scavenger car, made of leftover parts from other cars, air vents from mazda cx5, rear lights from renault megane, center console from tiguan central display from rav4 etc etc

Autogefühl says:

►Seat Tarraco desert drive with Thomas:
►Driving Review Seat Tarraco:

Markus Steegaa says:

Which Color is it? Is that Urano Grey (NON METALLIC?)

Jure Macola says:

Golf 2 has better looking ass and tailights

Murat Haskan says:

Multimedya 👎

Danny C says:

If they got rid of that center fake tail light, the back would look much much better and with cleaner design.

FlyingLunatic says:

Lot of VW tiguan parts re-used: Doors, chairs etc…

saynotoislam says:

How on earth can you be impressed by a seat that looks like my grandads old lazychair…..

Tade Agbesanwa says:

No HUD? I think that's an oversight in my view.

Gyula PANCZEL says:

Distinctive design? What? This is just a re-badged VW Tiguan. Have you been paid to say things like that? 🙂

edward toner says:

Another VW GREAT CAR we got one , a VW we love it .

Nick Xatzh says:

Does this car has the ambient dash and door panel light like the ateca??

lapamful says:

Really don't understand the point of Seat splitting from Cupra. I thought out of all the VW group 'regular' brands (excluding Lambo) that Seat WAS the higher performance brand with the slightly more powerful engines. Because like this, all this looks like to me is a Kodiac or a drastically watered down Urus or Q7 with a different nose and rear end. Who cares??

We already have the Kodiac. Does this have 500hp or something? What makes it different from the Kodiac? The VW group of companies really need to gain some independence from each other. It's getting to the point where around a third of the VW group vehicles are just clones of each other.

steffen skov says:

Imagine how many children will die from cancer, when you start it up. And the German VAG cheating start sending out zyklon b. VW group have been gassing people since 1939 !

XRB Performance says:

Does not look like a Seat, it looks like a Tiguan with a Hyundai face, definitely not "distinctive" . Hopefully they wont continue with this theme, otherwise Seat as a brand identity will be lost.. The guy in the video is evidently kissing boots… I do really like the seats

Peter benn pan says:

Looks like a volvo

Volkan Öner says:

yaw çok güzel arabada isim ofsayt. Türkiye de satmaz bu.

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