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SEAT Leon hatchback 2014 review:
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Take the chassis of the Volkswagen Golf, add sporty Spanish styling, lower the price and you have the SEAT Leon. The cabin quality is a step down from the Golf’s, and in the name of sportiness SEAT sacrifices some comfort, but inside it’s a spacious car big enough for four adults. A low driving position adds to the car’s emphasis on performance and fun. All the engines impress, spanning from the small and economical to the very quick indeed.

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bilo ağa says:

Tamponlar FR olmalıydı

GOrDoN ReMseY says:

Honestly as a kid. Never liked them but I was ignorant ans eventaully I looked into them and I quite like them. They sound very very nice when modified. And I dunno i just like the look of them. There unique and a friend recently bought a dark blue one, 2007 1.4. Looks great and I don't mind id drive one no problem.

Lane Hogger says:

Great cars but beware of the 1.9 tdi engine with the BXE engine code. They tend to go bang at quite low mileage’s.

Francisco Fernandes says:

I have 1 from 2008, most fun car to drive, It's like i always want what the car wants and He always gives me what i want! I Belive my Leon has a soul!! COuldn't ask form a better 1st car! 1.9 105hp it's just so much fun. The only thing I would change really is that is FWD, i would like AWD our RWD

ghazi hussain says:

I got seat leon 1.9 tdi and damn the best car i have drove . The rmp is high and accelerate very quickly

MS says:

spanish flair? the designer of this car is italian, ex-alfa romeo designer de Silva.

savvas savva says:

You mean VW 100%!!!!

B U says:

I disagree with this statement. While newer cars, like the Jetta might not have emotion to them, I feel that models like the GTI, S4, S6, RS4 and so on do have some emotion. And let's not forget, that Lamborghini are part of this group as well. I feel that many VAG products, whether it be the GTI MK1, MK5 or so on, have great emotion. SEAT is unique, I'll give you that one, but it's not Alfa Romeo.

nelson verdugo says:

0:40 looks very cheap when he press the plastic

gazing heart says:

affordable????? T.T 20,000 euro in my country!

benkimimyaa says:

SEAT's slogan is "enjoyneering" i think its a combination of "enjoying" and "engineering".
c'mon SEAT ! taking all engines, all transmission systems, nearly everything to make a car run. even the seats ! they change the body and the interior. and they fail hard on interior.
i think they do not know what does "engineering" mean.

benkimimyaa says:

well, you need to learn how to type first.
every seat owner knows, seat's do not have good build quality. and all these cheap hard brutal plastics around.
thats what im talking about.

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