Seat Leon car review

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The 2013 Seat Leon is meant to be the sporty cousin to the Volkswagen Golf. Paul Bond finds out if it can live up to its illustrious family line.

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umu harun says:

I recently buy a seat leon 2015 and i don t regret … seat best cars !

King_ Ov _Steepe says:

I have 63 plate Seat Leon. Its really good. The steering is the best.

Sashbar says:

I love new Leon interior, it is stylish, supremely functional, high quality materials and so sold build throughout. I also appreciate lack of premium class bling which disappoints some reviewers. Times of "drab" SEAT interior are gone, but the cliche is still alive.

Catherine Ollier says:

I love my seat leon such a great car to drive and looks great too !

Andrew Calver says:

Picking mine up this week, cant wait!

Arvin Peopleinlove says:

Key scratches already at 0.09

troecurov3 says:

Hello people.please maybe someone could kindly help me.We are facing a dilemma to choose between Ford Focus and Leon… there any suggestions…..? Please. hi

GOrDoN ReMseY says:

Seat are very underrated they look brilliant though, I was in an Altea once and it was great

Samir Malik says:

why dont none of these numpties ever mention petrol MPG or automatic options!! everyone just mentions diesel economy!

Victor montano says:

It kinda looks Audi-ish.

Edward Malone says:

Why they got rid of the hidden back door handles I'll never know but the previous model. Mk2, is just better looking

Praque Forqsk says:

One of the few manufacturers these days to make an engine between 1.2 litre and 1.6 litre. That alone scores points.

Carlos Curioso says:

This car is very small , it could be better if it was bigger and if it was a sedan

Lecksis G says:

SEAT's for me are underrated.

sampster says:

Replaced my Audi A3 Black Edition for the FR 1.8Tsi DSG and one of the best decisions I ever made I love it. Able to tick near every option list and still better value than an A3 1.8tfsi S-line S-Tronic. New Black Edition line is still lacking in the already dated looking new A3 imo. Forget Golfs this is an A3 topper.

umaxen01 says:

I have no idea what "Paul" is talking about. This car is OBVIOUSLY made to look miserable compared to the host unit it's made from, the Golf. This car costs as much as a base Golf, however looks really cheap. This is because if it looked BETTER than the base Golf, then Volkswagen wouldn't sell as many Golf's as they do, now would they? Like I've said for years, this car looks like children put it together at the plastics factory in Cuba…

Real Ale Rules says:

Car seems fine but the camera work/editing is shite. Constantly moving camera and cutting away to new scenes every 2-3 seconds really distracting.

Jamie Pickles says:

I like Seat Leon car review – Auto Trader

skybluedave83 says:

I've had one for a year, 1.4 petrol FR and it's been faultless. For all round value and performance you can't go wrong with the new Leon

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