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This is the new SEAT Ibiza! With a relatively sporty look on the outside, the SEAT Ibiza is one of the better looking small cars available today. But with such a cheap entry level offering, coupled with so much competition in the small family car market, is it really worth considering the new Ibiza against the other offering available today? Join Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out!

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Icansee u says:

Tight competition against Fabia for sure.

Владимир Автомиров says:

Seat Ibiza laik

Edgar Martinez says:

WOW. This guy Is One of the main inspirations of SERGIO OLIVEIRA 😎

Thump Musician says:

3:58 I want that suitcase 🙁 someone please tell me the brand name


Seat ibiza : Les 4 portes se fermes malgre la porte principale est ouverte

George Collins says:

Omg finally somebody British actually pronounced Seat the correct way as “Say-At” and not “See-At”!

lapamful says:

Every car and brand have their place in this world and Seat's place isn't doing budget cars, although this is undoubtedly very good. Look at the sporting version of the Yaris, Piccanto, basically the Japanese and Koreans are upping their game. Not only have they dominated the budget car category for decades, they're now doing sporty too. And unless Seat comes out with a Cupra for this car which is better than all of those, I'm afraid I won't see much point to the Ibiza. And that's not entirely Ibiza's fault, it's also what VW will allow them to put in their cars.

Dominik Dorosulic says:

Fuck this guy

switch says:

what about the SEAT Ibiza 1.6TDI XCELLENCE 5dr version is that a good car

Louie 9000 says:

Should i get a 2019 Seat Ibiza or a VW Polo ? Both would be the 1.0 petrol and 5 doors

LudoF4 says:

i enjoyed the video, until you played despacito..

Wild Racoons says:

whats with the sound?????? sounds like youre in a pot of some sort…

81giorikas says:

Time to bring down some of his comments.

First of all,

Suspension with 17inch in FR trim is bound to be less forgiving than the style version with the 15 inch rims and 185 tyre.

The polo is slightly softer but not by much. It means that it too, will not be great with 17inch rims. Both have two stage extra dampers, but what they do (normal to harder for FR and normal to softer for excellence trims and polo) is different.

The line in the dash? If it bothers you you should be bothered in the audi A3 as well (which he dubs as the best interior in the class above for premium hatchbacks etc). Won't that line gather dust etc there?

No mention that the door panels in the ibiza and the polo are cut cheaply where the window meets the frame behind the light for the door lock. Ok…that is more budget than anything soft touch in the dash but ok.

And no mention that the door panel of the ibiza in FR is actually a better deal than the polo: Better finish (yes), cloth in a very large portion (the polo is all hard plastic: Where your elbow rests there is some plastic which is like a soft well…skin, not so good actually. Same with the seat…).

There is no wind mirror noise in the motorway in the seat or the polo. I've driven it on more than 140km/h in the motorway, it's actually less noisy than some bigger cars. It's other noise sources (road and engine) are well suppressed, so much so that it tracks consistently at about 68-70 db at 140km/h in various tests on motor press and with my db meter in the level of the right ear and A weighting and calibrated). How does the polo fare? Less noisy for …0,5 db usually. And you can't really tell. You can tell that if the ibiza has wider tyres you will hear them more in rougher surfaces. Else, it's golf or less as far as noise goes, actually almost mercedes levels in some regards. Not bad VAG, but don't try to sell the polo as something better soundproofed.

If you open both their door panels you will see no sound proofing. You only get that in the passat and above. Same with the golf mk VI and VII so…

Still those cars are so well designed that they don't need to block noise from there so…!

yo mismo elde siempre says:

Puto guiri retrasado. Qué esperas por 10.000€???…. un Bentley??…. capullo chovinista, que asco nos tenéis a los españoles, menos cuando venís a poneros ciegos en verano por un tercio del precio que os cuesta allí, y os meais como animales por las calles…..Puto subnormal.

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