Saab 9-3's: Are They Reliable?

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Today I discuss Saab 9-3’s and whether or not they’re actually reliable. Own a 9-3 yourself? Comment your thoughts down below!


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Marcus Höglund says:

Yes saab 9-3 is one of the most reliable cars on the market// a swedish saab owner

vermont Vermont says:

I almost always ONLY drive stick. But what do you think of these in auto with the "manual mode" ? There's a super clean 2011 in red for sale here at a former saab dealership. 53,000 miles. Is it worth it? Being auto that is?

Doug B says:

With 209,000mi, currently, on my 2007 9-3 2.0T, I would say yes! I’ve owned it since about 59,000 miles.

Tei Kash says:

My Saab never let me down I own a 2007 saab 2.0t stick and I gotta say it’s the best car I owned fast , reliable, a lot of truck space , overall just a great car , as a matter of a fact I’m on the highway in Florida driving it right now I just love this whip 💯

Floor Gang says:

Does anyone think this guy sounds just like Carl from mrbeast?

Jordan Holland says:

My saab 9-3 aero 2008 is leaking coolant out of the exhaust. Car will not start properly. Technician says it might be a blown head gasket. Is it worth it to have this car repaired at 110,000 miles or get another more reliable car like a honda civic?

Athen Gil says:

My 08’ 9-3 is very reliable. Got it with 182k miles added about 4 miles in the past 7 months and she’s still treating me well. No major issues ever since it’s first repairs from when I purchased it like new battery, fog lights etc. Still a long way to go. Looking forward to a paint job and modifications next 🤞🏽
This is my first car too

Shaun says:

Every MOT I seem to have to sort the CV Boot, apart from that its reliable

Shaun says:

In the UK I have a 9-3 1.9 TID, very economical

Amanda Holleran says:

My brother got a 9-3 2.0 with 140k back in April. He just recently sold it he said it was a pile of junk, every time he talked about it something was broken.

Thomas Gutierrez says:

theres a 2004 saab 93 areo 6 speed turbo for sale. its super super clean and it has 145k miles. they want 4.9k for it. is it worth purchasing?

Francisc Szakacs says:

Sir, I can drive this car with ski boots? Yes or no ?! I mean , the space is enough? Or it’s like a coffin?!

soho1080 says:

No one gives a damn of the 2nd gen Saab! If it’s not pre 2002 it’s worth Shit!

Aaron Costello says:

I have an '04 Arc convertible. These cars are very nice to drive, but can have some of the issues commonly found on older high performance semi-luxury cars. The engines and transmissions are solid, which is the most important thing. What can really make these cars a pain in the ass is the electronics. Best advice I can give is BUY YOUR OWN TECH2 CLONE. You can enable/disable any system or diagnose and repair any electrical gremlin that might pop up. Seriously, it allows you to completely 'hack' the car.

Mine kept randomly giving me the infamous "Stability Control" warning. Grabbed the Tech2 and used it to re-calibrate the steering angle sensor in the CIM. Warning gone. It had a theft alarm that would constantly go off. Even when disarmed! Grabbed the Tech2 and used it to disable the alarm system. Crazy alarm gone.

Though annoying, these sorts of issues are nothing you wouldn't expect in an early 2000s BMW or Mercedes (which I have also owned). My 9-3 is a blast to drive and gets lots of compliments…mostly from people who think it looks cool but don't know what it is!

If you don't want to put in the time and money for maintenance and/or repairs you really should avoid ANY older European car. They tend to be a 'labor of love'. Period.

Shannon Casto says:

I have a 07 saab 93 aero I just purchased it has the 2.8 turbo how do I tell which motor is in it I guess there was 2 different 2.8s

Chop 209 says:

I’ve owned 3 Saab 9-3s
They all had pretty much the same issues. Lots of electrical issues , light bulbs constantly burning out, etc. they’re nice when they’re running , but GM cost cutting ruined them.

Don Patrick says:

Have 2005 Saab ..110,000 km's and steering system locked … pulled circuit breaker and it unlocked …. why any advise and speculation when his may happen again ? Is this an indication that a "reboot' will do the trick again next time … going to lock up when outback ?

Myron Cofer says:

Hi! Perhaps you can help me out! While station in Germany, In 2005, I bought a 2005 Saab 9-3 AERO, direct the manufacture's in Sweden with US Specification. Once before the check engine came light on ( this may been around 2007) at that time there were still several Saab dealership's still active in Germany.

So I took it the dealership that it was delivered to in Mainz Germany, and I was told it was a gas cap issue, easy fix, so I always made sure that the cap was closed securely. Fast forward, Jan 13, 2020, my check engine light came on again, A company called 2 Nut's and a Bolt, located in Savannah GA. that specialties, is with Saab and other European Models, is where I took it.

They have some maintenance/minor work on my Saab the past, they have has my Saab since Jan. 13 2020, I've paid $1100.00 on an Engine Sensor that I was told, is what was needed. I still don't have my Saab back. Any recommendation or suggestions would greatly appreciated. Because I was deployed a lot, the car still has just over 72,000.00 miles on it. Any help would greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Myron O. Cofer
SFC/E-7 US Army (Retired)

1aikane says:

I have a 2006 93 Aero. I like it very much. It has needed service, but it's a reliable car.

Affliedafflie says:

Im about to get my drivers license, should i go for the more cheaper hatchback or the sedan?

Justin Case says:

Aghhh crackling sound

okane Nikes says:

I’ve got a 2010 Chevrolet Colorado but I’m looking around for a sports sedan or coupe since I want a project car. I’ve been looking at is300s which are becoming scarce, Hyundai Genesis, coupe and 4 door, and way more cars that I’ve just forgotten to list but the thing about all these cars I’ve seen is that they’re either getting rare or just downright won’t be reliable. I’ve noticed that these Saab’s go for really cheap and they’re really nice looking sports sedans! But I’m wondering if they’ll be Reliable enough to have and potentially daily? I don’t want to daily my truck a lot more since the frame is rusted to fuck and is nearing 200k miles and the interior is really nothing but a bunch of plastic, not to mention it’s slow

Jay B says:

What do you think of the '04 arc? I might buy one with 119k miles for $1600. Its in good condition.

Eriq says:

Saab "9-3's" what?

Anteneh F Aligaz says:

I own saab 9-3, 1.8t, turbo. Best ever!

Jessica Skelton says:

"Are Saab's reliable"

(engine starts violently shaking when I start the car, throttle cable is being held by zipties until my throttle parts come in the mail, noise on the right front passenger side, transmission is gonna have to eventually be pulled. Owned this car for 4 years by the way)

Sure….. 😂

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