Review: Why The 2019 Cadillac Escalade Is Worth Every PENNY!

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Review: Why The 2019 Cadillac Escalade Is Worth Every PENNY! escalade platinum suv best 2018

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Jugainka Tiega says:

What a piece of shit

Holy Business says:

I love the look of Escalades and own a 2016 Cadillac Escalade. However, we have to be honest about the underpinnings of the Escalade not varying much from the Tahoe and Yukon. GM has not done enough to make the Escalade fully luxurious. As a former Range Rover owner, the Escalade’s ride quality doesn’t come close. You can feel the shutters that come through the cabin when you hit big bumps, but they have tried to mask it. It needs to get away from the truck ride quality and get better interior finishes. Still too much plastic . The synergies created by GM in scaling profit margins are incredible – virtually no difference in the guts at all across all of their trucks and SUVs. Cash Cows! The Escalade is a Tahoe in a tuxedo. I hate that the Platinum model isn’t really that much better than the other trim levels for the added costs. I wish it had a VSport engine or something and an independent rear suspension.550 horsepower at least. Also, 4WD should be standard on all of their SUVs since it is not full time 4WD. The technology package is decent though and I love the sound of my V8 engine after putting on a Corsa exhaust and cold air intake. What a beautiful sounding engine!

I am your father says:

Rock and roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EastProLaw Texas says:

I own the Platinum Edition, quality through and through

The Truth says:

Very expensive, but it's for the rich, not the poor!!! Yes, Millionaires and Billionaires, So the rest of us just need to stay in our lane! Don't hate!

The Truth says:

Very expensive, but it's for the rich, not the poor!!! Yes, Millionaires and Billionaires, So the rest of us just need to stay in our lane! Don't hate!

Joseph DePaulis says:

And thats not even the Platinum trim level!

Cody Cato says:

420 crank hp v8….a 6 cylinder with turbo(s) can get way more than that.

To each it's own.

I like smaller SUVs thinking about getting a BMW x5. I own a 3 series and it's great.

Mutlu says:

Why should all american car interiors be ugly?

J Daniel Labelle says:

i was thinking of purchasing a cadillac, but no longer, i CAN NOT support a company we aided then gave us the middle finger, they do not care about the customers just the share holders, so now i am going to purchase the Lincoln Navigator Platinum L edition

Frank Gutowski says:

How well do these Escalades retain their value? Do these extras and options hold their value or do used Escalade buyers ignore them?

$90K list. What do they sell for after 3 yrs? 5 yrs? These things matter. Not just gadgets and gizmos and this guy’s fixation on design.

OrangeManBad.MP4 says:

I checked this out at the LA auto show and I thought it was nice until I checked out the navigator. They are in different leagues. I couldn’t even believe how comfortable the Navigator was. Do yourselves a favor; if you’re in the market for a large luxury suv check them both out. You’ll see what I mean.

Dra O says:

No auto is worth 80k. That’s stupidity. Buy a Honda or Toyota, drive it a few hundreds of thousands of miles with awesome MPG and very few repairs – and you can dump 50k into a rental property that actually PAYS FOR your Honda.

Inglourious Buster says:

It's worth every penny, not to buy the 2019 Escalade. Especially since the new body style comes out in 2019. Nice try though.

Tommy Bayshore says:

This SUV is a complete disappointment. I am in it as a passenger driving home from a road trip and this thing is awful… Here is what I hate…

1. Headrests are beyond annoying, they only adjust up and down, then don't lean forward and backward to adjust to your head, you basically need to sit with the seat directly upright to rest your head back.

2. The rear back up camera video quality is absolutely horrid. I rest my case about that.

3. The controls on the dash and steering wheel are extremely annoying, they are all touch capacitor sensitive and things are just layed out wacky all over the place.

We have the luxury model esv and can't wait to return this thing to the dealer after our trip. I drive a 2019 Raptor fully loaded and I must say the features (basic ones) of my Raptor just put this 100K Escalade to shame. Just such a incredibly boring SUV. We were thinking about buying one but thank God we had this one for the last week, never again, overpriced GM garbage, and the safety crash ratings aren't great either and the gas mileage sucks.

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