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The #Morgan #threewheeler will make you smile every time you drive it, so its worth every penny of the £40k plus price tag. Nowadays thats a small price to pay for happiness! The #Morgan Three Wheeler car is a unique #handmade piece of #machinery with a free built in #funfactor!!! Find out what I think in this #review.

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Mark Mark says:

Well you're not going to like my reply.

My Morgan's S&S engine is in pieces, guess I should feel lucky it's not the drive unit or the other things that are breaking on them.

Bought on a whim, sadly then I saw what I had, a poorly made piece of shit. Morgan 3 wheelers were cheap crap a bit better than a motorcycle back in the day, but affordable for people who couldn't afford a car of course, othings changed, they are rubbish.

You din't explain the seating position, your body is twisted and the top of you hamstring is dug into buy the end of the squared tunneland your ass is supposed to fit in behind it, and I ain't got a big ass either, bit on the skinny side, stuffed if I know how normal sized asses fit in there. And the seating area is just small as well as wrong. You may have had it for a few hours, trying driving around for days.

The noise is just stupid, i spent cash and added more silencing and the neighbors still hate it, forcing me to leave it at a factory. I felt like a wanker Harley rider.

The clutch is heavy, ridiculous in this day and age, and just expect to die if you ever have to brake for a real emegency. The lack of traction, well i don't know how they are getting cerification even as a motorcycle, they are fucking dangerous, period.

Mine cost near 60K dollars by the time it was on the road, I'll just buy a hammer and hit myself in the foot next time, simpler, cheaper and less painful – and I'm in no hurry to fix the piece of shit either.

So go on, go ask Morgan about the numerous warranty issues they are having … oh wait, they might not even give you a car again, wouldn't want that over truth, I mean it's 2018, an age where all Journos take it up the ass from product suppliers.

Oh and no like or subscribe for you, I don't care which side of the fence you are on, but you mix politics ( 2:15 ) with cars and you lose me immediately.

Neil Harding says:

Can you do the Seat Leon st please.

C Gardiner says:

Great will look out for it, thanks for the reply

C Gardiner says:

Why don’t you film a Morgan road trip?
It would be fantastic to see if you Morgan passion stays true….

C Gardiner says:

Love your roadster, video.
Just bought a 1981 4/4, it’s just as fun in a different, vintage way.:)

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