Review: Find Out Why The Chrysler 300 Should Be On Your Radar!

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Enjoy this review of the Chrysler 300. Affordable Luxury! FCA Dodge mopar or no car chicago srt8 srt

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Driveway Demons says:

Hit 13000 today! Thanks for all your support! What do you guys think of the 300? It was a great car driving long distance thats for sure!

CausticTruth says:

Picked up a 2014 s model with awd/hemi. I still get a kick out of driving it every day. I love this car.

Ervin Gentry says:

I've had mine 2 years 5 months ,and still i feel the same excitement as the first day i bought it ,i have the 300c luxury 3.6 8 speed .I was was shocked at the balls in it ,the v6 is powerful. Im not a racer ,if i were I'd go hemi v8 ,but for a luxury cruiser it has some get up.Very good review to sir .

patrick y says:

Loving my 2013 John Varvatos Edition…bought it 2 months ago with 61,000 miles….just had to change the thermostat…added some black gloss SRT replica wheels along with the tint and roof wing….it looks bad ass….but classy

jman96camry says:

I get about 17 city and 30 highway 21-24 average my malibu i traded in got only 26 mpg average and city was about 21

Thomas Hibbs says:


golden hurt says:

please dont buy a mustang when all your fanbase is from mopar lol

Gilbert Luna says:

Just rented a 300 awd this weekend while I was in Miami. I loved it.

MotorSubduedTelevision says:

There great but I wish they still looked a bit like the 1st gen luxurious but muscular for some reasons I can’t make the jump to get a charger yet but if they get the locks back I’ll get another 300C love the cars but that’s my only issue

Cat named Scamper says:

Sooo, are we going to ignore the many many recalls on the cruise control issue?

Doug Howting says:

My first car was a 1994 Dodge Intrpid ES 3.5 V6 and was such a great car!
Loved the 300's since they debuted as the 300M

I now have a 2015 200C V6 AWD and love it!! Reminds me me of the Intrepid more than the 300.
A lot of people rag on the Chrysler 200 and 300 but you get so much car for your buck!!!!

Steve20127 says:

what a shame these are no longer being sold in England; I love my 2008 300C.

Felipe Accioly says:

I drive 16hr 900mi every month back and forth from ky to vt in the 300c hemi 5.7. Average Millage in dry weather and summer tires is 31 (remember it turns off 4 of the 8 cyl when cruising). Just regret not having the lane departure and adaptative cruise control. Otherwise the car is amazing.

Randy 300 says:

Thank for the review man I love my 300 awd this car is a sleeper

Jonny P says:

FYI 1999-2004 Chrysler 300M was the new redesigned Eagle Vision before Chrysler discontinued the Eagle Vision in 1998 do your history.

Hunter S says:

I don't know if i'am believing your excitement level here 4:48. After Driving any one of your cars to this. LOL Love the videos.

Ral Hellcat says:

My favorite Chrysler 300 was the SRT8 that Walter White owned in Breaking Bad.

Hemi Muscle says:

I bought a 2012 brand new the limited all blk v6 was a great car. I traded it in for my RT it had 105k. They depreciate quickly so it's best to lease one. Awesome video 👍

Tony Smith says:

What’s up , i just got a grad Cherokee High Altitude wit the v6 and the v6 definitely picks up..

Chad McBain says:

Great review…now do the 5.7 in the 300 C or S 🙂

Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports says:

I’m fortunate to have owned the best 300: SRT.


#1. Never got the 8 speed in the US

…Never got the Hellcat.

#2. Seats were terrible compared to the 1st generation 300 SRT8.

#3. Roof height was better when it was higher.

Highest speed I got in it was 170MPH.

Robert Lyon says:

In 2005 I bought a 300C nice car wish I still had it. In 1955 the Police on the NJ Turnpike used Chrysler 300's.

GetSocialButterfly says:

Great review on the 300. For a V-6 it really does have some power and great gas mileage. Plus it has all wheel drive!😁

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