Review: 2019 LADA 4×4 Urban | A Bargain At $14,000?

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Hello! Since the 1970s, LADA has been building this exact same SUV, the 4×4, previously known as the Niva. Is it any good in 2019? We have the whole weekend to find out. Enjoy!

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The 2019 LADA 4X4 is almost the same car since the 1970s and it costs $14,000. I believe it is the perfect choice for people who want an affordable yet capable small SUV with minimal luxuries and tech.
What do you guys think?

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Conrad Boerner says:

4:22, for that sweet edit, you get my like.

Tiberiu Bădana says:


exionem says:

These were very popular here in Costa Rica and Panama growing as a kid. Pretty much bomb-proof.

Runescapeguides110 says:

Why cant they have these in the US. I would definitely buy one. The simpler, the better!

Jeremy Hill says:

I wish I can import one to Texas, plus the old Lada Niva

Sébastien Plaetevoet says:

please test the suzuki jimny !!!!

Ta Too says:

The older and wiser I get, I appreciate this kind of old school car. I'm tired of ultra modern cars that AI decides what I should or must do. It's so advanced these days that the car even tells me for kcuf off.

P Suemor says:

the video is nicely done, there is a lot you can improve in a technical aspect but you are doing well, try not to repeat phrases so much and i think at one moment the camera's lens was a bit dirty, also you have to admit that this car is really not a good option, I think the Dacia Duster is a lot better, modern, has maybe the same good things the Niva has and has a similar price, maybe in your country is a little more but must be a much better price/value ratio, I believe the Lada Niva is mostly for people that are way too nostalgic or for the ones maybe living in Rusia in very remote places where you can't find spare parts from any other car manufacturer except Lada, it would be good that for cars like this you researched where is sold the most and what practical use does it really have, even thou it looks very practical considering the price it may not be, also go a bit deeper, compare it in power, fuel consumption and price with other new cars, the warranty is also important to mention because if it's not good then is definetely better to get an used 4×4 (even just an older Niva since is gonna be just a tiny fraction of the price and mostly the same car) that is gonna be better and cheaper even if it's "older"

good indian says:

Nice car would love to own one

Lewis Veasey says:

Nothing really has changed is the reason I would like to own one. In the US cars change to much to keep up with. I learn everything about a car then get a new model and every part has changed and it's all over again. I can get the parts here not the car sadly. So glad to live in the land of the free where vehicles are heavily regulated…

Denis Siberian says:

Nice video montage!

Ricardas Vukovas says:

Outdated piece of crap. 40 years and nothing changed. Consumes petrol like an alligator, slow, noisy, unreliable, cheaply made. Does not steer, does not break and does not accelerate.

El Claudio says:

You are a great reviewer dude, keep up the good work!

Hannes Jakobson says:

Good car for that price

Hitti Anthony says:

Because of this review the LADA 4X4 is an option for me .

Trevorfoggia says:

If I could buy a new Niva in the U.K. I buy one tomorrow.

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