Review: 2019 Chevy Blazer RS AWD

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I review the all-new 2019 Chevy Blazer RS AWD. With a V6 engine, sportier dampers, quicker steering and torque-vectoring AWD, the RS version has the right ingredients to make it a fun to drive SUV. But can its high price be justified? What do you think of the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer? Huge thanks to Chevrolet for providing me with this vehicle to review!

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Scott Wolf says:

Ya this one sucks come pared to the trailblazers from 2002 to 2009 and I'm not saying the SS ones either, the SS had the corvette motors in it so ya this one suck alot liike someone should get fired

Jose Pina says:

Didn't the Pontiac Aztek start that type of headlight assembly?

Aerostar93 says:

Made in Mexico and not 4wd

Kuntry Boy says:

Love how they brought the Blazer back i hated the trailblazers they was ugly asf. I want one but 50k hell no ill wait!!! Cause like all this new junk it will break down before 10k miles.

Ben Anderson says:

Hey dumbasses, revamped equinox, I rather have the Equinox v6 awd, seats are way better looking. The front looks good, give it that, USB, and c types are good. But still… reinvented equinox. If your not blind.

EcoBlu Mustang & More says:

Matt is so ripped he has thumb muscles lol…

Rocco Spicola says:

Bronco is the best suv ever still it was built for Baja this is fact.

Joseph Deliz says:

…it looks like a Lexus

XxMalaboo says:

what is the specific exterior color of the model your driving?

arthurone1 says:

If you can’t afford a Lamborghini Urus but want to show off this is the right car🤣

the one says:

Very beautiful c I love the lines everything is great but I think this whole blacked-out rim thing has got to go. It's already been played out so much they just look like dirty rims on all these cars that they're making let's go back to the Chrome that really sticks out or the aluminum that looks beautiful it just looks dirty and you can't even see what the rims look like from a distance it doesn't even show their shape or their form

Joni English says:

Ill buy that for a Dollar !!!!!!!!!!!

ronch550 says:

Looks really nice but at that price?? That used to be Luxury car territory not too long ago, you know.

guy proulx says:

How many SUV's does GM need?

John Lin says:

The exterior looks nice. The interior reminds me of my daughter's little tike toys.

R. C.P says:


Sneaky Ray says:

They should have use a flat bottom Camaro steering wheel instead also.

NullPlayz YT says:

If a camaro mates with the Ford edge

This is what u get

DoggyB22 says:

Looks sick! Chevy just needs an AWD SS version with a LT4 in it! Not a fan of lower headlights in the bumper though. Wish they just put them where they normally are

J Aubrey says:

Great News….2020 Blazer will have Start/Stop disable.

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