Review: 2018 Mazda CX-5 – Fun to Drive AND Affordable!

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I review the 2018 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring, an impressive handling SUV that doesn’t command a Performance SUV price! What do you think of these? Thanks to Mazda for providing this CX-5 for me to review.
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Darth Bane says:

That shade of red is stunning!

Giovanni Masi says:


1. Great suspension ride ever !!!!
2. Great Bose sound system
3. Great sporty look. Exterior.
4. Great interior design (no cheap looking dials and buttons)
5. Air tight, no noise from outside. You can talk on the phone not exterior environmental noise.
6. Gas saver
7. Excellent for snow blizzards

1. Pandora app keeps cutting out.
2. GPS sucks. Will take you into bad traffic. No smart gps integration. Gps takes time to load up or boot up. Gps sometimes will go off if somebody calls you.
3. Bluetooth connection is buggy
4. Bluetooth takes time to boot up
5. Back Trunk sometimes can’t close or lock properly
6. No illumination on USB ports so if you are driving at night and want to plug something you can’t see the USB ports. Duhhh
7. No 9v lighter port in front

will Im says:

And it is still Under $30000

NAWW says:

Dat 4 cylinder turns me down by the sound I thought it was a V6 or a V8 but dissapointing

Wickedd 012 says:

The front reminds me of a mustang, with the big grill

queensbury13 says:

Very informative, top man…

R says:

good lord you are a boring guy!

GreatGrandmasterWang says:

Are you uhh…. when you were born were you……. nevermind.

Rick Rolled says:

Matt, stop shaking your hands

Sovann T says:

The car is like 50k base here lol definitely not affordable

Sabri Mo says:

Beautiful SUV but it lacks power. Otherwise, I would have bought it.

Tech Defender says:

Matt would you rather buy the mazda3 hatch or cx5 if you were younger…say 18 years old?

denziiey says:

Joust bought the 2018 cx-5 touring with preferred tech package. It has all the bells and whistles i need. beautiful, fun to drive and the system is adequate while we wait for android auto and carplay. It feels very quality built regardless of the cheap materials used. Well put together and well crafted. Love the interior and that bad ass front grill. Can't say i regret buying this 🙂

Tech Defender says:

How does this handle vs mazda3?

eighthof8 says:

We purchased a new CX5 in January. What a great car for the money compared to other mid-sized SUV's. Lot's of neat stuff is included. One of the features to mention is the standard "G-Vectoring Control". Some cylinders will deactivate and the suspension changes when you take a corner fast and you don't get the weight shift shoving you into the door. Had to try that out the 1st day and was totally impressed. And it's true, people think you've given a lot more for it than you actually spent.

flames 8889 says:

Are Mazda’s reliable these days? I’m in need of an suv because of a growing family.

Jeff Wang says:

Hey nice review. Is possible to review the Lexus NX 300 F Sport! Thanks

Manolito Centeno says:

I think CX-5 looks better than the Subaru Forester..

Steve Wise says:

That cluster looks cheap. This is where Mazda falls short, along with their paint issues.

ajay verma says:


flipfloplogic says:

Android auto / apple car play is SERIOUSLY overrated.

webguy943 says:

dude why is the car so dirty, its a 2018. and whats with the sperm droplets on the engine cover? wtf.

Jeff Morgan says:

No Apple Car Play lame!

pully 1010101 says:


Matthew Moscotto says:

I have this in machine grey. But it's a bit underpowered. Needs a minimum of 225 horse power and better brakes would make it perfect.

Nosgoth Demon says:

I love the new Mazda design, but I don't know about the proportions on the CX 5 tho. When u look at it from the side, the back seems too large, too big compared to the front hood. I think they should've made the hood a bit taller or just lower the entire design of the vehicle's body an inch shorter. You can specially see this when u look at a CX-9 and XC-5 side by side. Other than that, best looking car in its segment.

4jimmycurtis says:

I love this car BUT the wheels don't match the aesthetic to me

Captain Brown Beard says:

I really like this body stlye, but the AWD on this is pretty awful.

valleyman1 valleyman1 says:

It looks like hatchback.

MudRat324 says:

Would love to see a CX5 – CRV comparison video! I just can't choose between the two

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