Review: 2018 Lexus LX 570 – The Most Reliable Luxury SUV?

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I review the 2018 Lexus LX 570 with it’s reliable and capable platform. Huge thanks to Lexus for providing this vehicle! What do you think of these?
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pacificrules says:

Too loud when driving….

StratNut2008 says:

The Saudi’s won’t cross the desert in anything less than the LandCruiser and some of them sport the LX.. they know what it takes to notnonly venture out, but to return. Range Rocers are gorgeous but that shit wears off real fast when it shuts down in the middle of no where…

StratNut2008 says:

It can go anywhere.. and make it back.. in pure luxury,, try that in anything else… then call me… I’ll pick you up in mine…

ctawab says:

The steering is hydraulic not electric motor that’s why it’s heavy
So that it don’t fail off-roading
The brakes are pre charged coz of the safety cruise feature. They tend to be variable depending of speed and vehicle in front

Mercury Global Dubai says:

Check out our channel to see the LX570 MBS Autobiography Edition. Upgrade your LX570 or Toyota Land Cruiser and experience the ultimate luxury in a cabin with a premium four seat configuration. Available worldwide.

QOOQ8808 says:

Is this for people who wish they could drive their condo ?

Dinda Dwi putri says:

. ENGINE 💪💪💪💪

Beriven Bear says:

I own a couple of LX previous models but i dont think ill come around to buying this one since it has the ugliest front grill ive ever seen.

Scott Bott says:

"At that price there are a lot of competitors…."
What are they?

Scott Bott says:

Why do "car reviewers" insist on complaining about and criticizing full size SUV handling? It handles like a full size suv. Period. Nobody expects anything different. You lose credibility when you do it.

Michael Farah says:

I lost count on how many times he said “here”.

Agent piggles says:

i LOVE this car it has some of the softest most comfortable seats, and thats coming from a tesla

Test Dump says:

I would just get the Land Cruiser for less money. I think the Cruiser also looks better.

Blake M says:

I didn’t see Doug DeMuro in that picture plus I have a q7 and it’s very good while my wife is debating to get this. I will tell her to look into it

Sorry for the soon return she ended up buying it

Rajveer Singh says:

This guys is like ah you know, ah you know…

Dwayne Rose says:

Umm is not a word, curb yourself of it.🇨🇦

Seo Yong Jung says:

Stop fucking saying “here”.

Emil Moller says:

Don’t like it.

Luca Rossi says:

It sounds really noisy from inside.

yungbibba says:

Good car but unfortunately not classy like Range Rover will outlive it by a long way though

The Future Is Here says:

The previous Lexus GX470, not the current GX460, is the most reliable SUV of all time

Alan Alban says:

LX stands for "land crosser" coincidence? i think not.

Subaru says:

Japan Quality

Ho Lee Fok says:

Is hevay because 7000 pounds car

Just Paul says:

mpg 0 miles

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