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Introducing the all-new 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage G4. A sibling to the well-established and popular Mirage hatchback, the all-new Mirage G4 brings consumers a fresh dose of clean style, environmental consciousness, agility, connectivity, affordability and value. The Mirage G4 goes on sale this spring at Mitsubishi showrooms across the country.

“A few years ago we entered the subcompact segment with the Mirage hatchback and its popularity with consumers has grown every year with its combination of top fuel economy, attractive pricing and one of the industry’s best new car warranties. The new Mirage G4 repeats that value equation in a four-door sedan package,” said MMNA executive vice president, Don Swearingen. “The Mirage hatchback and now the Mirage G4 sedan will form a formidable one-two punch in the subcompact segment.”

The Mirage G4 will utilize the same powertrain of the 2017 hatchback, a revised 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine. The small displacement engine provides a harmonious blend of lively acceleration and efficiency. The Mirage G4 will be at the top of its class in combined fuel efficiency and C02 emissions. Inside, the Mirage G4’s long wheelbase provides for a spacious interior cabin and trunk.

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Trades46 says:

Other than its low attractive pricing, I fail to see why I would take this over something say the Ford Fiesta 1.0 turbo if I wanted to save fuel, a Toyota Prius C.

David Golida says:

This my second Mirage. I had 2014 and I work in sales. This car has been great to save me money on gas and repairs but 2014 model was really lacking in features and comfort. The 2017 G4 has beefed up struts so the car doesn't bottom out like the 2014 Mirage. I can say that I enjoy my 2017 G4 SE Model. it is more than what I want for an inner city car. Much quieter than 2014 Mirage and it has great pick up to merge in the Houston traffic.

churris says:

is this car built in Thailand?

Rick James says:

In the first minute I noticed over spray on the non-painted back side of the hood and exposed fasteners on the rear door panels. Cheap is not an excuse for incompetence.

djkenny says:

I had a 1 liter turbo 3 cylinder Chevrolet Sprint Turbo. It was quick, reliable, and efficient. Sold it in 2010 with 198k for double what I paid in 1992 used with 117k miles. They should offer a turbo intercooled model. It weighed 1770 lbs and moved quick.

You will only get 33 mpg if you drive way too aggressive in this car, or over 55-60 on the freeway. Drive it efficiently; and it will be good to you.

I test drove a 2015 model and it was fine. Of course, I drove the 5 speed stick. I liked it fine. Power was decent.

14 grand is too much, btw. You can get these under 12 grand DE trim. I would get a higher end car for a little more if it was 14 grand.

17 grand is INSANE. Don't buy this car if you want to spend that. Get a new Forester for 20 grand, or just go Base on a economy car like this.

goldenpenis52 says:

It takes a fine person to appreciate this car.

Adrian Otero says:

this is not a wrx,it's meant to get you from point a to point b with using little fuel…..and a great warranty….

abadiqaisy123 says:

its good 🙂 but the engine is not so

palebeachbum says:

It's not pretending to be anything else other than a budget friendly economy car with some surprisingly nice creature comforts. My Mirage is saving me a lot of money. Gas, insurance, no repair costs (great warranty). Mitsubishi is underrated. More people should give them a look. I wouldn't consider the Mirage without deep discounts though. I think the sticker price is crazy high. Much nicer subcompacts out there for similar money.

louis borselio says:

It seems two conflicting schools of thought went into this car. On the one hand it looks like something a grandma would drive. But the interior with all the high tech touchscreen radio it seems geared toward a crowd much younger than me.

Tony caffeine says:

Swap the motor with a 1200 GXS motor …..

Tony caffeine says:

my 2005 corolla getting 38mpg..

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