Review: 2016 Corvette Z06 (Manual Coupe and Auto Convertible)

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I review the epic 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with both manual and automatic transmissions and in both coupe and convertible form.
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Tyler Dunn says:

Saw your page when @streetspeed717 reviewed your mustang, and your reaction when you went from 1st to 3rd just earned you a new subscriber. Can't fake that kind of Euphoria. Great Job!

RazorFX says:

great video, thanks!

WillBKMG says:

I just drove a manual z06, its so cramp. I'm 6'1 210 an bearly had enough room to heel and toe. The back bumper squeaked like a rubber ducky too, but other then that I never heard or felt that much power in my life… BTW the 2016 Silverado z71 is also amazing.

Juan Ruiz says:

officer This video really sounds like heavily ubeljevablecurrent .

tommerwhite says:

Fudge packer

Mark BD says:

8:05 He is no longer a virgin ;)

Ascending Fitness says:

anybody else feel violated when this guy gets excited? awkward guy

Serby says:

Why does it look so jacked up? A lot of wheel well gap.

caleb bowling says:

See I'm a Ford lover, but this is the only Chevy I would buy

eduardoig17 says:

Why does he do that thing with his hands so much?

MJ Dragon says:

uploaded on my birthday ?

DatBETBoi ! says:

8:038:09 lmao

Jacob Dabb says:

I like this intro a lot better then the new one

Sara V says:

man yo'ure annoying

Chad Thundercock says:

Skip to 8:17 to see the first time he got anally penetrated, and then to 12:23 to see his comments to his lover afterward.

james p says:

dash same grab handle as in your jaguar review

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