Review: 2014 Rolls-Royce Wraith

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I review the incredible 2014 Rolls-Royce Wraith. Be sure to watch till the end for the bonus clip! Huge thanks to Andy for offering his car! You can follow him @toofdocta to check out all his cars!
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Song is ‘Lost Signal’ by R&W and is provided by Argofox. It can be heard in its entirety here:


Nick Smith says:

YouTube unsubbed me from your channel wtf

Raving Raptr (R&W) says:

thx for using our music dude ! nice video :3

Liam Dean says:

corruption exchange fiction dglipw complete mixture terrorist wealth.

Jonathan Orendain says:

My personal opinion, id prefer the BMW m760li

j hrk says:

this guy is creepy

Richard Williams says:

Sounds like a V6 from the video :-P

Doggieman1111 says:

Amazing vehicle

Sylak says:

That you had the opportunity to drive that is awesome. I do think it's super ugly and too big and heavy for no reason ( light and nimble cars for the win). To me it look like a ugly 2 door pick up. But that's my taste and my biases. The interior is great, the dash is screaming luxury and elegance. I do like the interior roof! Anyway l still would took that test drive, just for the experience.

AsGoodAsAHacker says:

I bet you that RR pillow in the back seat costs more than most of our cars.

AsGoodAsAHacker says:

I dare you to get finger prints on his "piano black plastic"

ds3ralli says:

nice chrysler 300.

Matthew Alvarado says:

Can u review more cars for young people who want to affordably go fast

MrSlowestD16 says:

The level of luxury in this thing is comical.

Im here because im bored says:

why do so many people watch super car videos ? we can't even afford an allow wheel from them let alone anything else..yet here I am

Fekade Senbeta says:

His voice got so high pitch after he accelerated for the first time lmao

9/11 insidejob says:

yes, but does it gets 47 miles per gallon like prius??

Edward Skeels says:

doesn't get nicer than this u get what u pay for but a Chrysler 300 is amazing for the money

Pagani Luv says:

That's and absolutely gorgeous spec

Chris Capaccio says:

I see a bit of BMW in here. Which is AWESOME.

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