Review: 2012 Dodge Challenger V6

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Note: This was filmed a couple weeks ago. Thanks to all of you that have been leaving supportive comments over the past few days. I’m feeling better but stil…


ComputerTrainer101 says:

I don’t think the v6 model is a muscle car.

treyatl2006 says:

I got a Challenger over the Camero and Mustang…. The challenger is way
more comfortable than the Camero and Mustang. I have a hour commute one
way. So being comfortable was the biggest factor in my purchase. The V6
aren’t bad. The V6 has more power than some of the V8 Mustangs and Cameros
that were made 6 or 7 years ago.

Jose Mireles says:

I don’t care if its v4, this car is great to cruise in style.

andrew lujan says:

How loud is it without acceleration 

Roy Diedesch says:

Hate the challenger but LOOOVEEE the charger

TreVox says:

nope… can’t accept it.. fuck this…
Only approve of v8…

Derek Butler says:

My dad has the 2012 durango and in order to get it back into drive from the
manual shift mode you just have to keep upshifting until it gets to drive. 

bubanzizwag pnw says:


Jimmy J. Rustle says:

Good for at least two bodies!

mason kethword says:

I’m buying a challenger to go zoom and race good idea or not

Ethan Gee says:

putting a v6 in a challenger should be illigal!

TheGoogler77 says:

To the guy in the video, that car is too much for you.

IllStayGoldForever22 says:

Would LOVE to see you review a Dodge Charger! Not the 2015 model, but like
a 2011-2014 would be awesome. Very menacing looking vehicle, not as heavy
and huge as a Challenger. Kind of a nice mix of muscle and speed with daily
driver qualities.

Guns & Gears says:

I like the look, but they really need to scale it down. If it weighed about
3300 or so that would be better.

Paul Anderson says:

you really need to get over the whole drug dealer thing. People are staring
at you because it’s a sexy car. Being a WRX owner you’re only use to being
looked at by young 20 year old males in tight tee shirts and sun glasses.
Now normal people are taking notice of your car. This is a good thing…
NO ONE, I say again, NO ONE, is nervous or intimidated, or thinks that you
are are a thug…

YTLyricsMaker says:

“and as far as the trunk goes…”
“good for at least two bodies…”
Oh, that’s gre-
wait what?
That got me laughing so hard. 

Nebderf M says:

Id buy new gauges if i get this car it seems pretty good

kevkentis says:

great review but on the outside its amazing but inside its like……meh!

black2011gt says:

Upshift to 5th and then hold the upshift paddle down for a few seconds and
it should go back in D.


we’re not all rollers, better gas sounds awesome. i get it, v8 is better.
but i aint trying to race anyone.

Nebderf M says:

To your comment about “Im not a drug dealer” NO drug dealer that ive ever
seen with my two eyes has driven a muscle car, theyre always beat up shitty
ricers or stupid cheesy tacky huge rimmed caddys and BMW’s. Not a dealers
car man.

therobotchicken911 says:

Dude you are soooooo damn annoying. Who in their right mind would mistake
you for a damn thug even if you’re driving a challenger. You’re wearing
American Eagle for Gods sake. The fact that you’re driving a Challenger
that damn sexy is why you get looks. Nothing more.

AfKman101 says:


girugaymesh says:

holy shit this guy is such a huge fucking faggot this was painful to watch

Ginny Dog says:

Great review:) You tested my model, same year etc. Traded in my top of the
line Mustang for my Challenger, for my DOG! 🙂 Needed a normal sized back
seat to fit a Doberman. I do not find the car overly big anymore, back in
to all spots etc.I suppose I am used to any blind spots. Seems average
sized to me now LOL.. Nice comfy car to get around in. Happy with my
choice. Looks beautiful yet functional IMHO.
*Sidenote= all the people who nag about just a V6 etc..I get that around
here too from people. What are they driving? haha Personally, 305 HP is
enough for me, insurance is low and gas mileage is not bad. I would rather
save money:)


Where I live people would be more wary of a kid cruising around in a street
racer looking car (like his STI). That was a weird comment he made about
people being “scared” of the Challenger. Hmm.

Ali Sakran says:

I drive a V8 powered Trans Am and would still buy the V6 powered Challenger
any day of the week. V8 power is great but at the end of the day a car is a
CAR. Horsepower is not everything and these are without a doubt great cars
with a great look. 

Max Powers says:

I am not a fan of American cars, but this one is definitely and exception.

MrChad97Z says:

You are right! The car does sit too high! Tall skinny tires like all
those retro cars! Totally backwards. I like low profile tires. Not tall
, narrow tires that buckle in a curve or that sit so high that the center
gravity of the car forces the car to “roll”. These retro cars are really a
bad design. Just my 2 cents! But after owning 9 f-bodies, I would agree
this Charger does seem to have more appeal. But just walking around the
trunk, I just think to myself, MY GOSH It’s tall and huge!! I would never
buy a retro car. Never ever. Modern is the only way to go. Foreign or
domestic, it doesn’t matter. Interesting point regarding foreign or
domestic:; Foreign companies have built plants in America and Domestic
companies are offshoring.. And some companies mix and match parts and
designs.. So what is foreign and what is domestic? I don’t know, but I
will never buy a retro car because I think forward.

Ed Taylor says:

Another American car with a dog shit interior!

Christopher Lopez says:

This dude is annoying! Have someone else review cars not this weak ass
subaru fan.

Myhooverco8 says:

I have had two Challengers. They are well built. My 2010 had over 40,000
miles on the V-6. My new 2014 is an R/T with a 6 speed. Wow, what a
difference. The V-8 is awesome with tons of torque and raw power. It is
like riding a bull the first time I drove it off the lot. It sounds mean
too with plenty of horsepower to back it up. Kudos to Chrysler for
building such a bad ass car!

ItalianRiot713 says:

guys a fag

burfdog90 says:

ive got a 2014 v6 challenger and i LOVE it. 305hp? rwd? MUSCLE CAR yes
i well never not love getting in my challenger, more than enough power, can
easily do burnouts all day lol

Robert Tomlinson says:

So would this be good for my first car?

Ryan C says:

Why are you talking up such a shitty american car?! The body is extremely
fat and ugly looking , and the interior is horrible plastic and gaudy! 

Tee Gee says:

I disagree with the people who think this car isn’t fast. Off the line, it
isn’t going to win any races, but when you get this car to cruising speed,
it has plenty of passing power. I didn’t buy this V6 version for speed, I
bought it for it’s badass looks. You can’t stare at a car going 200

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